Eid Mubarak 2018 (Part 1)

15 June 2018

I was looking forward to Eid this year simply because I was able to fast for the entire month alhamdulilah! Feeling tired and heavy in this third trimester, I am just glad it did not hinder in my fasting routine. I was also so glad that I experience no nausea or morning sickness throughout Ramadhan. Alhamdulilah for this blessing.

Morning smiles before going to the mosque for Eid prayers. Baba has company this year.


Our usual routine of photo taking before the guests arrive.


First time celebrating Eid with a husband, inshaAllah next year we will celebrate it with a mini us. It has been pretty smooth pregnancy alhamdulilah despite being so busy with both work and course. This baby is resilient like mummy!


Waiting for the rest of the family to arrive and they finally did!


Our family photo of the floor this year lol. 7 of us this year and looking forward to our 8th next year! Currently in my tummy.


My cuzzie Imah’s daughter is too cute! I can’t with her hair lol. This is Khalifah!


As usual since Baba is the eldest, all his siblings will be here on the first day.


My paternal cousins where I am the eldest. The youngest is Umar who is sitting on my lap.


This is not the full team by the way. Some are not here. Wish I had more energy to capture more photos but I was too heavy carrying my big tummy around.


I also did not managed to capture more photos of mum’s side of the family who will usually come in the evening. Hubs and me had to leave for his mum’s side so I did not get to meet some of aunties and cousins who came late.

These are those who came early yay!


I did not have to take photos over at Hub’s side because the bro in law is more professional with his big camera. This was the only photo I took if hubs playing with one of his cuzzie’s daughter.


We took quite a number of photos but unfortunately all the photos were corrupted and we did not get to see any. Sad! Oh well, we shall take more photos the next time we are out.

Eid Mubarak to all muslims and alhamdulilah for being able to celebrate it with our loved ones.