19 December 2016

We are scheduled to visit Jabal Rahmah today and so we out and about early in the morning.

Love bus journeys in foreign land because there is always so much to see and learn. On the bus journey there, I saw this Arafah camp for haj season and made the dua that I can be back here for haj soon inshaAllah.


Here at Jabal Rahmah again. I was here 2 years ago when I was here on my first umrah trip. I hiked the mini mountain back then but this time, I chose not to since I am still recovering from slip disc surgery.

Looks like it was pretty crowded.


Jabal Rahmah holds a significant meaning as this was the location reportedly where Prophet Adam A.S. and Hawa A.S. were reunited and also where Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. delivered his final sermon of his final Hajj. Unfortunately a lot of people are here for the wrong reasons. On the hike up, you can see photos, ‘advertisements’ for marriage etc. A lot of people also have the misconception that when you make dua here to get married, your dua will be granted. Come on guys, only Allah swt can grant your dua, not this pillar here. It was never mention in the Quran or hadith about this. To believe it is pure stupidity.

Of course you can still make your dua here, but do not think that you have higher chances of your dua being granted just because you are here, at the place where Adam A.S and Hawa A.S were reunited. Allah swt knows better when is the best time to grant your dua.


Since we did not choose to hike like some of our friends, we simply walked around the area and took photos.

One pic of the bestie and family.


One of the bestie and me.


Love her tudung and I don’t know how she pull it off.


Actually I was pretty lucky 2 years ago when I was here because it was not so crowded back then. I could climb in peace and even managed to reach the peak without injuring myself.

The weather was hot and how nice it was to see moveable stalls selling cold drinks and ice cream!


It was a short trip and by Zohor, we were back at Masjidil Haram. So blessed to be doing our solat right in front of the Kaabah. It is still so surreal to me.


Don’t think I will ever get tired of this view.


How I wish I can stay here longer to just focus on doing deeds. Dreading our last day here tomorrow. 😦