BAITULMAQDIS UMRAH CHAPTER 18: Goodbye Mecca, may we meet again

20 December 2016

We are due to leave Mecca today. Once here, one can’t help but to mourn before leaving. This place here, is so sacred and close to our hearts. Being here was like finally reuniting with a long lost love. Leaving means, to be away from love once again, one can’t help but start missing it before actually leaving.

Last Subuh here and we decided to do it at the rooftop so we could do our prayers under the sky. Spot the moon.

1_zpsbd2e9ac4Trying my best to snap as many photos as we can while waiting for Subuh azan.


After breakfast, we went back to our rooms to finish packing. We were gathered one more time at the Masjidil Haram so that we can do tawaf wada’ (goodbye). Alhamdulilah all went well and we were even able to capture photos quickly before we leave.


Alhamdulilah for being able to recover in time for this trip. He is the best of planners. This trip almost did not happen but I did not stop making dua to be here at this time.


I am contented to be able to do this umrah trip with my family. InshaAllah I hope to be here someday with my future husband.

Left with heavy heart. We were slightly cheered up at the airport when we bumped into our relatives. This is Cik Ya and family who did their umrah at the same time as us, but with a different agency.


Happy to be back even though there will always be a tinge of sadness being away from the Kaabah. Our wonderful family were all there to welcome us back, thank you.


Alhamdulilah for all the experiences and opportunities. If you can afford it, do make an umrah trip. It will change you and your life for the better inshaAllah.