BAITULMAQDIS UMRAH CHAPTER 14: Assalamuailaikum Ya Rasulullah!

13 December 2016

After a few hours of flight we have finally arrived at Jeddah airport alhamdulilah! It was in the wee hours of the morning but check out Baba and my excited faces.



We quickly picked up our luggages and head to the hotel. All of us were exhausted and we really needed a good sleep but while waiting for the bus, we could hear the Subuh call for prayers in the air.

Checked in and love our room.


Our first breakfast in Madinah.


We could have chosen to chill and take our time to eat breakfast but all we wanted was to catch 40 winks before Zohor prayers.

A quick walk by the Nabawi Mosque, how I miss this place. It has such a peaceful aura that I cannot really explain.





The crowd during Zohor prayers. It is always crowded that we always have to make an effort to come an hour early in order to do our solat in a shaded and good spot.


Because of the crowd, I always have to make sure to hold Mama’s hand if not we would definitely get lost in the crowd.



Sunset here is also soooo serene. Walking to the mosque for maghrib prayers is always an enriching experience because the sun seems to set more beautifully here.


We were scheduled to visit Raudhah Ul Jannah (Garden of Paradise) at night after Isya’ prayers. The center of the prophet’s mosque is considered the most auspicious location of Nabawi Mosque. It is called the paradise on Earth and muslims visiting the mosque are to offer 2 rakaahs for their forgiveness by Allah swt. One rakaah at Raudhah Ul Jannah is equal to 1000 times of the usual prayers.

However for ladies, there is a specific time to visit and everyone had to queue in batches in an orderly manner. When I was here 2 years ago, it was so chaotic, everyone was rushing in and there were elderly who got injured. We were warned to stay calm and enter in an orderly manner.

The last time I was here, we had to wait for 4 hours before being allowed to enter.


Thankfully this time, it was more orderly and we only had to wait for 2 hours before going in. I was also able to do my 2 rakaahs without having anyone push or step on me.



Walking out feeling happy alhamdulilah!


Even though we were exhausted from the flight and the lack of sleep, we felt happy to be here. I love how the life here revolves around prayers, and not the other way round. When the azan is in the air, everyone stop what they are doing, the merchants closed their shops and everyone started taking their wudhu and make their way to the mosque. Some left their shops unattended, leaving it in the full safe care of the Almighty. Subhanallah, the people’s mentally and faith here is just amazing.


Looking forward to Day 2 tomorrow insahAllah.