Shafnizam’s attempt to do workout

Ever since we found out that we are having a baby, we were determined to live the healthy lifestyle, well, more than usual. Our gynae had nagged told us multiple times that I needed to eat less because I am old, I am fat etc. Well, yes thank you, I am very aware of my age and my size.

However, I do believe that age is just a number and even before marriage, I have been going for regular workouts and dance classes at the gym. I may still look fat to some people but I know that I am healthy. After the slip disc surgery in 2016, I was more determined than ever to recover and get back to full workouts. My knees and lower back are still not very good, which is why I have been selective in the types of workouts I do.

So this time, le hubs, who was also determined to lose weight, was going to join me in attempting workouts during pregnancy. We actually read about it and decided that swimming or water exercises would be a good start. We were pretty blessed because we were able to have access a non crowded pool at le hub’s office.


We only had Saturday mornings free and even though we planned to go for a workout every Saturday, there were always things that got in our way. Thus, we try to make it whenever our schedule permits.

Gotta love the view and I am always hoping for a good weather so we do not get too sunburnt from the swim / water workout.


I actually really enjoy the swim, even though I can’t really swim lol. Doing toning exercises in the pool was good. I do miss Xiaomei’s aqua classes! If only she can coach me one to one here! Lol.

Facial expression exercises because le hubs really need it lol.


On alternate weeks we try to do brisk walking by the nearby park. Our first chosen venue was Bedok Reservoir Park since it is pretty near our place.

I miss greenery.


If you are coming here for a jog, I would recommend coming early in the morning before the sun gets too hot. We were usually too late (we arrive at 10 am) and it was pretty hot.


Nevertheless, the view was peaceful. I remember coming here for a brisk walk with my parents just before our umrah trip. They needed to build their stamina and I needed to get my health back after the surgery.


If you are lucky, the swing would be empty and you can relive your childhood. 🙂


There are days I would be too exhausted from work and would prefer staying in to sleep. I think le hubs feel the same (his hobby is sleeping lol) but as much as possible we still dragged ourselves to do brisk walking nearby our place.

At the park in Ubi. It is a small park by the expressway but enough to keep us perspiring.


Stumbled upon this place at Eunos that sells potted plants and the place was enticing us to buy and keep plants!


Before fasting month, we were able to do some workouts and prepare for the baby’s arrival. Being pregnant also meant that I was not able to carry all the heavy stuffs that I usually do, like doing housework etc.


I am always worried that my slip disc / lower back pain will come back which is why I  have been taking extra precaution throughout this pregnancy. I also know my clumsy self too well.

Thank you le hubs for always helping me carry my heavy bag. Please make dua for us that everything will be smooth sailing. Amin.