Appreciating Jabal Nur

A few weeks ago, I was shocked by the news that Saudi government has barred all visitors from climbing Jabal Nur and visiting Hirak cave. At first I was judging how unreasonable they were but after finding out the real reason why they do it, I understood the decision.

4 years ago, climbing Jabal Nur never crossed my mind because I was plagued with knee injury and may not be able to climb to the peak. However, the group who were with us consisted of elderly and they were determined to peak it. It motivated me and spurred me on. So I bought a walking stick and climbed. Was it easy? Nope. Perhaps for the young and able bodied, it is, but to me it was exhausting. I clearly lacked the stamina.

The view of Jabal Nur before the climb.


The view down. Each time I felt it was taking too long to reach the peak, I would turn around and look at how much I have come so far.


Having company was great too. They became your personal cheerleaders whenever you are about to give up.


Through dua and determination I made it, we made it to the peak and was even able to enter the tiny Hirak cave and viewed Mecca from the top. It was a magnificent experience…… one I wouldn’t trade for the world. I was hoping to go back there with le hubby and future kids sometime in the future inshaAllah so I am hoping the Saudi government will change their minds…..who knows.


Meanwhile, if u have surplus rizq, make it there for umrah at least…it will change you. Even if you feel like you are financially tight, make the intention inside your heart and make lots of dua. InshaAllah your time will come.

Full story is on the blog’s archive in 2014 if you are interested to read more. 😊