Shafnizam’s Pre Wedding never-seen-before Photos

It is July and that meant that le hubby and me have been married for 10 months, yet I JUST realised I have never uploaded or release the photos we took while we were exploring places for our outdoor wedding photoshoot.

Initially he looks so awkward taking photos (which is why we have very little photos of us before the wedding) so I took his back view. I did not know it will somehow make his identity so mysterious lol.

We went to a couple of places like Gardens By The Bay and National Museum and the photos turned out really well. I was dying to share the photos but after the wedding, things got hectic and I completely forgot about it. While clearing my laptop, I saw the photos chucked away in a folder and decided to edit and share it here.

For those who are getting married and looking for a place for outdoor photoshoot, you may want to check these places out!

Walked from the train station and this view was taken from the overhead bridge.




The view was so spectacular, we decided to walk to the Gardens By the Bay itself. Initially we only wanted to explore the area around it.


The weather was cloudy and perfect too. I will never walk if the sun was scorching hot! Forced the fiance (at that time) to pose for photos and he hated it haha.



I kept telling him to relax and smile but it was so difficult for him, haha. A kind stranger helped to take one of both of us. Thankfully this was not too bad.


It felt like I was on a mission to ensure my wedding photos will not consist of him looking awkward. I even had to make stupid jokes before capturing his natural smile or laughter. Yup, I deserve an award.




A short coffee break and a rest for my aching lower back and feet. #oldcouple


The walk from Gardens By the Bay to National Museum was beautiful too. By the Singapore River, there are many opportunities for ‘instagrammable’ moments.




We have arrived at National Museum. Entry was free but if you are coming for a wedding photoshoot, there are charges. There are also some other restrictions like no flash photography is allowed and only 4 people per package can enter the museum for photoshoot, that includes the bride and groom.

I do love the checkered flooring.


I also loveeee this spiral staircase, I saw some wedding photos taken here and it was so beautiful.



My favourite photo of us before the wedding. Looking at each other and not looking awkward at all lol.


The museum may be small but there were enough beautiful spots for taking photos. No wonder some couples chose this place as their outdoor photoshoot location.




You can find out more about Gardens By The Bay here. You can also find out more about National Museum of Singapore here.

On our actual wedding day, we eventually went to the Gardens By The Bay (outside) and the airport. We decided to ditch the idea of going to the National Museum for photoshoot because we thought the charges were pricey. Our photographer was also not confident that photos will turn out ok without flash.

In the end, we chose to go to the airport for our outdoor photoshoot as I really needed to be in an air conditioned place after a whole day of being warm in the bridal outfit lol.


Here is one after being married for a few months. I am glad now he is less awkward when smiling for the cameras lol. It really took a lot of practice and getting used to.

Here’s to more smiley photos that captures our genuine joy and laughter together inshaAllah.