Ramadhan Diaries (2018 version)

Frankly I was slightly nervous about going through Ramadhan this year. I was already in my 3rd trimester and I was feeling hungry every 2 – 3 hours. I would also be working for 2 weeks in the month of Ramadhan and I was worried that I might be exhausted.

A few weeks before Ramadhan started, le hubs suggested we ‘practice’ fasting. I was reluctant to do it all by myself but he offered to fast along with me. It really makes a difference when you have someone accompanying you to fast. Thankfully, it was ok so I was in full tawakkal about fasting in Ramadhan.

I guess starting work really early in the morning was good. After sahur, I would get ready for work and work usually ends around 4 pm. I was exhausted at the end of the day and was thankful that I had the last few hours before breaking of fast to rest at home. I was also advised that in case I feel faint or too hungry, I can simply break my fast anytime but I was determined to fast for an entire month. It was a rare opportunity for ladies to fast for an entire month!

Before fasting I would rub my tummy and talk to baby inside me. It feels like we are fasting together and feeling her move in my tummy reassures me that she is ok. Occasionally I do feel faint at the end of the day but that was because my blood pressure was low. Other than that, alhamdulilah, everything was pretty smooth sailing.

I was also able to prayers as per normal. I was determined to not miss any terawih prayers at all and alhamdulilah I did it. Again, I felt that the baby was as determined as me so I did not feel too tired after breaking of fast and was able to fulfil this obligation.

Terawih prayers at the mosque on weekends with family.


Due to the long recitation of surahs during prayers, I would opt to sit on the chairs at the back. My lower back aches badly when I have to stand for too long. For normal fardhu prayers I was still able to stand and do as per normal. While sitting on the chair during prayers was less tiring, I really hated that I could not do the ‘sujood’. I felt it was so essential to be able to do ‘sujood’ in prayers.


It really made me appreciate being healthy. The last time I did prayers on the chair was during my slip disc and I really felt so disadvantaged for not being able to sujood too. May we all remember that health is always a gift.

Due to being tired, I spent most of the breaking of fast at home with le family. I think I prefer it this way too because how often do we get to eat with our family at home? Also thankful that Mama always cooks delicious and yummylicious food!


When the school holiday started, I could not wait to clean up stuffs at work and start to prepare for the arrival of the baby. The clothes needed to washed and folded and some re-organisation both at home and work needed to be done. However, I was suddenly tasked to do a ‘project’ at work and it required me to sit down and design a lot of new teaching materials and I felt I was suddenly robbed of my personal time during school holidays.

Thankfully, I was able to stay focused and finish everything before Eid. I was also able to do my mandatory baking of honey cornflakes.


I even had requests to do more and was able to do it on the eve of Eid even though I was so heavily pregnant. Perhaps my intentions and niat helps to pull me through.

I was also glad that Nurul agreed to come over for iftar instead of our usual iftar session outside. Told her I was too tired so she might as well come over and we can break fast and chill together.

She agreed! She even brought chicken lol.


Playing with phone app lol. Thank you le bestie! Too bad Fidah could not make it!

Alhamdulilah for a fruitful month. I was able to finish all that I needed to do while being heavily pregnant and fasting. I did not eat much too, usually I would gulp down 8 to 9 glasses of water during iftar because I was so thirsty.  I was doubtful about being able to fast the entire month but alhamdulilah for the strength He had gifted me.

Celebrating Eid differently this year with the husband. Always a nice feeling to have someone to do jemaah prayers with at home. We have been practicing that and inshaAllah we shall continue to do that.

I hope you had a fruitful Ramadhan too.