Surrounding yourself with good vibes only @ work

You know I may seem to complain about my job a lot when I am tired but the truth is, if I didn’t like my job, I would not have stayed here for 12 years. As exhausting as it can be sometimes, it has its perks and rewarding moments. I credit most of the rewarding part to my wonderful colleagues and bosses, they have kept me going all these years, even when things were not going so well, with me being unwell, and when the whole team was going through grief from the passing of one of our teammates.

It worries me when people say just keep going at a job even though they hate it because I really do not think it is good for our mental health. To be efficient at a job and last long, one has to like the job in the first place. If you don’t, or if you lose the passion or interest along the way, I would suggest you look for better opportunities. There is no point staying at a place where you feel resentful or unappreciated.

I think I have been pretty blessed to be placed in a positive environment where I can choose to excel. No one forces me to do what I do not want so each new initiative derives from me and doing this makes my heart full.

This year I was worried about moving classrooms and being pregnant meant that I can’t do the usual heavy duty stuff that I usually do. We used to carry stuffs and move furniture around the classroom ourselves. We also used to mop and clean the floor ourselves and having to depend on someone else to help me do this was particularly difficult for me. I am used to being so independent.

Saying goodbye to the classroom which has become my second home for the past 12 years. A lot of good memories here will never be forgotten.  I will miss the bright and cheerful yellow walls.


Our new classroom with blue flooring. I wanted the walls to be yellow too but …. oh wells.


Moving in the midst of February when I was so busy finishing up my course was also difficult. The crazy mess, I could not stand it at all and wanted to unpack and clean up as soon as possible!


Thankful to have some of the bigger boys offering to help us, it was a crazy few weeks trying to work in this messy environment but thankfully, we managed to get it all cleared it and arranged in less than 3 weeks.

We were also able to conduct our PSG in here, all clean and ready!


My partners, SK and Loon were so busy and they had to multi-task to clean up and re-arrange and set up the new classroom all at the same time. So thankful for their presence!


SK has been soooo helpful, helping me carry things, send out forms / letters and even bringing me food and booking for me GRAB rides home. I cannot thank her enough! I am so glad and assured that I am blessed with another capable partner after PSP.

I made her do all these crazy poses with me!


Also thankful for my other teammates for always helping and assuring me that everything would be fine. Cat is like my comfort rock, if I am unsure or worried about anything, I always run to her for help!


I believe none of us are here by chance. Perhaps that is why some of our birthdays are even in the same month for Dennis, SK and me!


Even though we are soooooooooo busy at times, I am glad that we still manage to squeeze time to go out and eat together!


Even our extended partners are so sporting and get along well with us. So thankful for kindhearted professionals.


Cat, SK and me were also surprised that we were all invited to the same promotion ceremony this year. For me, it is my first time attending a promotion ceremony and so blessed to be there with my partners.


With my other crazy colleagues as well!


I was so glad that le hubs was able to make it to the ceremony! Thank you sayang. ❤


Not forgetting my comrades from other schools!


There are so many colleagues that I am closed with and even though work can be frustrating and daunting at times, these peeps kept each other going.


To the extend that sometimes we happened to be pregnant at the same time!


I think I have done some amazing things this year, for instance, making everyone wear blue and posing like this lol.


Doing training and resources for P1 Bridging was something I never expect to do ever but Jo was confident that I could do it and it finally happened yesterday! I actually spent almost the entire holidays preparing for it!


How can I forget my support system who has been with me from the beginning of this job? Regardless of which school we are in, I have always been in close contact with Fidah! This is us after a long meeting at HQ lol.


With other comrades, some were previously my juniors and trainees. The reunion at ALC is always something we anticipate every year.


I was also task to do something different at cluster / zone level which was CLASS. I was worried about juggling my wedding, my course and this responsibility all at the same time but thank God for easy going people in the group! I had minimal issues!


I was supposed to lead them but frankly, I learnt a lot from them as well. During our last session, one of them gifted this box of cupcakes to the group as she was leaving. It is always sad to see someone capable leaving the service but like I mentioned at the start of this entry, when it is time to go, one has got to go.


I had the opportunity to go back to Singapore Polytechnic for a learning journey with the staff a few weeks ago. The place has changed so much and I especially loved the library! I remember struggling to complete my course here and had the worst time and the lowest self esteem when I was here. I really dreaded going to school and wondered if I could ever graduate and get a good job.

Looking back at all that has happened, both the good and the bad, I finally understood Allah swt’s plans for me. To go through tough times and struggles because I was meant to help others do the same. Nothing went according to my plans, it was His plans all along.


If only I knew back then, I would not have worried or stressed out too much. But I guess it is all part of growing up and maturing as adults. I never claimed I had an easy life and everything that I have accomplished so far is based on His will and a whole lot of hard work.

Thus, I hope whenever you go through something tough, know that it is temporary. Everything in this life and life itself is temporary, remember that.

May we continue to live life to the fullest and may we continue to receive His blessings inshaAllah as long as we do things from the heart. Always do what is right even though it can be difficult.