Shafnizam Makan Makan Series: Part 2

So the best thing about living in Singapore is that yummy food is available almost round the clock all over the island. My friends and me who travel often agreed that while there is no place like home, there is no place that has an unlimited amount of available yummy food available.

Which is why when we travel, we often choose a destination that full of nature, vast ocean and majestic mountains, somewhere we can explore, somewhere that has features not available in Singapore. However, whenever we are stuck in Singapore due to work etc, the only thing we can explore here is food.

I really don’t think I am a fussy eater, I am selective yes. It is really easy to make me happy, just bring me food! For some reason, I was craving for this hot corn and we found a stall that sells exactly this at expo and it totally made my day.


I am thankful le hubs is also a foodie like me. He often entertain all my food cravings and vice versa. We are gonna end being a really fat couple if this keeps up lol. Ice cream chendol.

2_zpsn7o3io72 is located at 18 Baghdad St, Singapore 199657.

Occasionally we have some spare time after doctor’s appointment and since our hospital visits are pretty near le bestie’s workplace, we offer to have lunch with her.


So Pho Vietnamese cuisine is located at Level 3, 30D, Parkway Parade. 

Occasionally we try out new places, or places le hubs has never been to.


Commonground is located at Our Tampines Hub, #01-103, 51 Tampines Ave 4, Singapore 529684 (Near Tampines MRT).

We went over to FOMO to try out ‘Kakak Kentang’. It is basically a ball of potato dipped in spicy gravy. It was my first time too and it was yummsssss. The ‘popiah’ had the most delicious gravy too, I will definitely be back for more.


FOMO Singapore is located at 38 Sultan Gate #01-01, Singapore 198486 (Bugis and Nicoll Highway Station).

Of course dessert is a must each time we go out on date night. We usually share one dessert so as to cut down on the sugar lol. Lickety is an ice cream stall that serves a unique variety of ice cream flavours. It is located at 34 Bussorah St. 


Le hubs is new to Japanese food and I have been a big fan of Japanese food since forever. Trying out food from Omoomodon at Kallang Wave since it was newly halal certified.


The steak was not that fantastic to be honest and the bento set was better. Perhaps the ramen would taste better but we did not get the chance to try it. Next time!

Omoomodon is located at The Star Vista, 1 Vista Exchange Green #02-14/15. 

Le hubs have also been wanting to try out the volcano ramen from The Ramen Stall so we went over on Saturday night.



Yeah it was not that spicy lol. I think he expected super spicy volcano ramen, similar to our sambal belacan level of spicy lol.

The Ramen Stall is located at 787 North Bridge Road, North Bridge Rd. 

We went at Suntec City running errands and we wished there were more halal food options there. We opted for Gelare since there were not much choices.


Just a tip, whenever you dine at Gelare, must order the waffle and ice cream. They have the fluffiest and yummiest waffles.

Gelare is located at Temasek Boulevard, #B1-175/176 Suntec City Mall. 

My favourite view, so thankful he is not a fussy eat and he is always full of appetite lol. Definitely my favourite meal partner. I like that he never waste food and always finish everything on his plate. I do too.


Even though he still looks awkward in photos sometimes, I think he has improved a lot! He still needs to improve in taking selfies though. For instance, this photo of us with ice cream. I was hoping for a nice wefie together but le hubs decided to block my face with the spoon. Hmph.


Since we were in a hurry, we did not manage to take another one. Haiz, oh well, he can only get better right. At least he can now smile at the camera. I believe the presence of food helps!

Till our next series of makan makan adventure!