Shafnizam Makan Makan Series: Part 1

So in September 2017, I married my love and we were both pretty slim. 1_zpsdexpcloo2_zpslmu9gt0a

If you had followed my blog from the beginning, you would have known that I have never uploaded a single photo of my fiance back then. It really was not a plan, it was just that he really hated to take photos thus, we had limited number of photos during our dating days. We actually went out for about a year!


Our wedding photos consisted a series of him looking awkward because he does not like the camera and the attention on him. Thus, after getting married, I told him that this has got to change. So we shall take photos all the time for him to practice. Lol.

We do not have to take photos only on special occasions, we can always take during our normal daily lives, more specifically, during our makan sessions.

It was hard in the beginning I tell you. He refused to look at the camera and smile.


Thankfully, he gets better.


Sometimes, in fact most of the times, the presence of food does help. 😀


Swee Heng Bakery Cafe is located at #B1-158 SingPost Centre, 10 Eunos Rd 8. Nearest mrt Paya Lebar.

I love our makan sessions together on weekends. Sometimes le husband attend to my cravings. Like this chicken meatball noodles from Encik Tan.



Yup, he was even willing to do silly poses with me! Well done.

Encik Tan (Singpost Centre) is located at 10 Eunos Road 8 #B1-156/159 SingPost Centre.

At times we are too lazy to think of where to eat so we usually opted for the one that requires the least amount of walking lol. Fast food it is @ McDonald’s and Pastamania.


Ok, not all the time. We are not big fans of fast food anyway so once in a while it is ok.

We were blessed to be invited to weddings too, and we all know wedding food is simply delicious. Here at one of my ex-student’s wedding (yeah I am pretty old) a friend’s wedding.


If not, I am happy with toast and egg as tea break. I can eat kaya butter toast at any time of the day.


Sometimes a new halal place turned up and we really don’t mind giving it a try. Boat noodles!! Yum!


Kaffe and Toast Thai Noodle Bar is located at 10 Eunos Road 8 #B1-157 SingPost Centre.

I also look forward to our once a month check up at the doctor’s because we get to eat and spend time together. Thus,  prata and teh tarik by the road stall was also ok.


If I am less lazy or we have errands to run, we would venture a little further like Tampines in the east. Yup I was craving for the seafood croissant for ages.


Delifrance in Tampines Mall is located on the 1st floor.

Regardless of the food, I guess the company makes it good? My favourite makan view. It also helps that he is not a fussy eater because I am.


Be it my the roadside stall, fast food outlet, a cafe, a restaurant or a foodcourt, I always enjoy my food little more with this view. Of course sometimes I love tricking him like this.

Le husband: Take photo of the food only, don’t take my face.

Me: Ok!

The result.


Fork & Spoon is located at  #02-70, 470 Lor 6 Toa Payoh. (Next to Courts)

Perfect! To more makan sessions together, look out for Part 2!