Eat with family: Weekend Makan

Basically it is tough living in Singapore. Most of us work long hours and sometimes our family time is compromised. For us, we seldom get to eat together on weekdays due to our conflicting work hours. Thus, on weekends, we try to eat together as much as possible.

Also thankful now that I am still living with le parents, and weekends are meant to be ‘no cooking’ for Mama so that she can rest.


We are not particularly fussy about our food. There was once Mama was craving for the black pepper burger from McDonald’s so we had our dinner there lol.


Yeah I know it is not wise to be eating fast food but we rarely do ok.

Our next favourite would be Indian food! Be it murtabak, prata, mee goreng, thosei, we love it.



For air-conditioned Indian restaurant, I highly recommend Mr Prata at 746 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3105. They have a variety of food served but mostly during dinner time. They do served prata and thosei all day.

Sometimes the weather is too hot so we opt to have lunch or dinner in an air-conditioned place like Streats Hong Kong Cafe.


Or sometimes I would feel like having toast so we head to Old Town White Coffee.


Most of the time we choose something more authentic and traditional. Like Nasi Ambeng from Padi @ Bussorah Street.


If we are too lazy to think of where to eat, we hopped to the roadside stalls that is near our place.


However, most of the time we keep going back to the same old places like Qiji and the hawker centre at Upper Boon Keng. One can never go wrong with nasi lemak, nasi ayam or sup tulang.


When we are more adventurous, we would try out new restaurants but usually, they do not taste as good as the oldies.


When Hawkerman @ Singapore became halal certified, we gave it a try too. It looked pretty good and it tasted ok too. Gotta love the witty names combining local and western flavour.



Hawkerman is located at Singpost Centre #B1-128/129 409006, 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600. 

Our weekend food adventures will be taking a break this month of Ramadhan and even Syawal but we will definitely be back after that!