Feb in Bangkok Chapter 3: Food Galore

21 February 2018

We figured that we had enough of shopping so today we decided to take it slow and walk around to explore the area. The streets of Bangkok at Platinum area.


I wanted to bring le husband to MBK shopping mall today because I really wanted to dine in Yana Restaurant, an authentic thai halal restaurant there. It is pretty well known among muslim visitors. I remember dining here alone before flying back to Singapore the last time I was in Bangkok.

We were starving from our light breakfast!


Must order is this mango salad. It is so delicious and eating it with rice was enough to bring back any lost appetite!


Our purchase this morning. I have got to stop.


The other convenient thing about MBK mall is the availability of musollah there. It was on the same floor as Yana Restaurant. This is the female area, the male area for prayers is a floor above.

I guess they just renovated the musollah? It is much bigger and it air conditioned! You can also take your ablution there.


We spent the day walking around MBK mall (it is a big mall!) and decided to have dinner there too. Right next to Yana Restaurant was a new food court and some of the stalls are halal.


Impressive display of food but unfortunately the taste was not awesome at all. I kinda wished we had chosen to have dinner at Yana Restaurant again but then, we wanted to try something new.

Oh well, now we know! Last day tomorrow before we fly back home!