A Family Gathering: Idris Family BBQ

17 February 2018

So CNY falls onto a long weekend this year and usually most people will take the opportunity to travel for a short holiday. Well, since I am stuck here in Singapore, and a lot of my family members are stuck here too, we thought we might as well have a gathering. After much discussion, the aunties and uncles  decided to have a BBQ at Cik Wan’s place.

My family consist of great cooks and so everyone brought different kinds of food to the BBQ. We do not even need to order anything from outside lol.


We arrived at around 6pm and started eating and BBQ-ing. It has been a while since we all gathered together like this.


Le cuzzies of different ages and characters.


The little nieces were overjoyed to be reunited to play. 10_zpsmx4qdzhk16_zpsmvxf2wjm


In general there was an overflow of smiles and laughters. The food helps lol.



We took turns to go up to do maghrib prayers and continue the second part of our gathering by celebrating Aidil’s birthday. He is 22 and I still find him too tiny for his age! I thought he was 16! How time flies!


We also celebrated those born in February. Hmm…I didn’t know so many people were born in February and wanted to blow the candles on the cake lol.


Even after all the eating, there were still so much food left so, let’s eat again.


One group pic of the family. Ah, it is soooooooooooooo difficult to get a full family photo even on Eid Celebrations because everyone arrives at different times. It was not easy but managed to organise everyone and take these shots.


My favourite girls, little niece and budak kecoh Humairah…my youngest cuzzie.


Don’t grow up too fast! Everyone is growing up too quickly and I am growing older too. Hope everyone had fun and we should definitely do this annually. Thank you to all aunties who painstakingly cooked for everyone. I still think it is a waste to start a food business with all our talented cooks in the family lol.