Celebrating our parents’ March birthdays

3 March 2018

March is here and it means that we are celebrating our parents birthdays together with our siblings. Mak’s (hubby’s mum) birthday falls on the 4th March while my dad’s (Baba) birthday falls on the 6th March. Last year we has a combined dinner celebration, not just to celebrate their birthdays together, but also to allow the two families to meet since we were getting married in the same year.

This year we decided to have 2 separate celebrations, mainly so that we can have more time to interact with each other.

Celebrating Mak’s birthday here at Charcos and it is my first time here.


It was crowded and we had to sit outside, but thankfully it was not a cooling night.

Charco’s was originally located in Ang Mo Kio and it was only recently that they shifted to Changi Road. They are famous for the meat.


As I am not really a meat lover, the meat platter was slightly intimidating to me lol. The fish and chips were ok but the cold pasta was the best. It was fresh and tasty and I was tempted to but more of their different variety of pasta / salads to bring home.


Happy birthday to Mak! May you continue to blessed with better health, more wealth, joy and blessings this year inshaAllah.


On the 4th of March, we were at Bali Thai (Eastpoint) to celebrate Baba’s birthday.


Baba dived straight into wearing his birthday present and eating the food ordered lol.


They food was good but the staff took sooooo long to serve our food and even forgot some dishes we ordered. As a result we were there from 8pm to closing time.


Food was good, if only it was served on time.


Oh well, we were only there because we had a $80 voucher to use. I would recommend eating somewhere tastier and cheaper. Really.

Nevertheless, what was more important was the company and the time spent together.


Our mandatory wefie! Everyone is so well trained by me haha!

Happy birthday to Baba. May you continue to be blessed with better health, more wealth and may Liverpool always win lol.

Charco’s The Flaming Chicken is located at 324F Changi Road. Do make your way there, the owners are warm and they give you the best service.