19 December 2017

Day 4 and as usual we started the day with Subuh prayers as a jemaah at the top deck. What really warms my heart is how everyone is heading towards the top deck in the ‘telekung’ and prayer mats starting from 5.30 am. It really reminded me of the time we did umrah in Mecca a few years ago. Everyone heading to the same place with one intention. To do Subuh prayers together. The atmosphere felt like that here too.


Did I mention I love doing prayers under the sky? In Mecca, I used to rush to the rooftop to do Subuh prayers there. It always feel extra magical doing it under the sky. In Singapore, since we live in flats, we never get the chance to do this.

The beautiful view of the sky, sea and mountains welcoming us to Langkawi!


Our usual morning stroll after breakfast. Love early mornings where we take our time to start the day, instead of the usual rush we do in the city.


So the ship will be here at Langkawi only till 12 pm which means we have about 4 hours. Le parents decided it was too short to explore the city so they decided to stay in.


Checking out the area around the ship to see where we can explore. At about 8.45 am, we went out.


It was a long walk out especially under the hot morning sun. The more I walked, the more the entire place looked familiar. Apparently, we were at Resort World Langkawi and I was just here 1 year ago!


I remember it so clearly now because I did explored the area around the hotel and there was nothing much back then. Made the quick decision to hail and cab to head to the town area. This is le hubby’s first time in Langkawi!

We were fortunate enough to find a nice cab driver who was willing to bring us around for 2 hours. Our first stops were the historical ‘Taman Tugu Keris’ and the legendary ‘Beras Terbakar’ House.


This must be my 3rd time here at this house. I was here 10 years ago, a year ago and now. The house still looks the same and no matter how many times I am here, I never failed to be amazed by the history.


Also, I always dream to have a seating area outside the house like those in kampung for people to sit and chit chat.


We managed to do some light shopping there before heading towards the factory outlet shops to get some local products. It was so crowded and obviously everyone was rushing to shop quickly to catch the ship. Lol.

Long queue!


A surprising gift on the bed by the staff and this is le hubby trying to imitate it.


Lunch at the ship of course because there was nothing else to do as soon as we board lol.


A stroll around the ship to burn some calories off. It seems that we eat a lot on the ship.


Guess who is turning 3 years old soooooon???


Enjoying our last night here on board. We will arrive back home tomorrow afternoon! The plan was to ‘party’ and not sleep but guess what, we were all sleepy by 10 pm haha.

Oh well!