Happy 3rd birthday Nur Munawwarah!

23 December 2017

So my little niece turned 3 a few days ago so le parents and me decided to have an informal birthday celebration for her. It was nothing much, we bought her a new dress and a cake.

We have a box of toys for her at home so that she can play with them each time she comes over. It is already overflowing with toys but sometimes we cannot resist buying more for her.


She has grown so much in the past few years even though she may still look tiny lol.



She didn’t really eat the cake but look at how amazed she was when presented with the cake lol. Le hubby and me bought her a present too and looks like she likes it.




It is not going to be easy being the first born girl in the family. I totally understand it because I am one too. There will be high expectations but looking at how my niece is so smart and persistent, I am sure she will turn out just fine.

Happy birthday little niece, first grandchild / niece will always have a special place in our hearts.


We love you very much! ❤ ❤ ❤