December Meet-Ups: Between time and good friends

You know, the school holidays are the only time I get to meet my fellow comrades, have a nice chit chat over a slow lunch. Perhaps people from other professions do not understand the need for us to meet and leisurely enjoy our meals. It is a luxury that we do not get on normal working days. Thus, the schools holidays are so precious to us, not only because it is a time for us to rest, it is a time for us to catch up with our friends too.

7 December 2017

A first and probably not the last one with this one. How long have we known each other as comrades? Yet, today we meet up as friends. We chose a nice cafe to meet called Lina’s Cafe, a newly opened autism friendly cafe. When I heard about it, I was excited to check it out because for the owners to promote their cafe as autism friendly, was a daring move. Having work with individuals with autism, we know.

My date for today, Fadilah!


We were so early, we were the first customers! Decided to order a simple american breakfast and it was soooo good. I love the mugs by the way.


This cafe serves affordable malay and western food. The café provides free 1st drinks for every family of 4 that dines in with their ASD or spectrum kid – all year round. It also sells books about Autism to promote its awareness. Lina, the owner of Lina’s Cafe, has a ten-year-old daughter who was diagnosed with autism.


The cafe was bright and simple, nothing too loud or stimulating for individuals with autism who may have sensory issues. I actually loved the calm environment and I can see why the owner designed the layout in such a way.


The dessert, Mille Crepe was yummilicious, you have got to try it if you visit this cafe.


Thank you Fadilah for being such a lovely company, we actually chatted for hours!


Lina’s cafe is located at 7 Jalan Pisang and is closed on Sundays, Public Holidays and first Monday of every month. 

11 December 2017

My date today is none other than my love, Madeline! This is our first meet up after the wedding and I am just feeling guilty for being so busy. We are finally able to meet for lunch today yay.


Madeline is like my energiser battery, I need to meet her once in a while to recharge. First time here at Limaa cafe and I love the nachos and the dips and ate them all greedily haha.


I love how they served only the best healthy food. Everything on the menu is healthy, if you are health conscious, this is the place to head to.

Mad and me with our usual antics and mandatory face exercise.


I guess the place is child and mom friendly because they actually have a breastfeeding room available for customers. Furthermore, the owner’s young infant was cutely roaming around freely in the cafe lol. The atmosphere felt family friendly.


The breastfeeding room also doubles up as a play area for kids. Mums with young kids will love this cafe!


My love posing in front of the cosy cafe. Limaa cafe is located at 51 haji lane and they are opened from 9.30 am to 8.00 pm daily. 

When it is time to part and we have separation anxiety issues……..


Let’s meet again next time and let’s make next time soon ok!

23 December 2017

By this date in December, I felt that the month had just zoomed past me. I also felt that I have not done anything productive at all, feeling both tired and lazy while I stay at home and watch others travel for their holidays.

My date today is my crazy cat friend, Michelle!


Yeah I stalk Mic’s instagram like a stalker because all her cats’ pics and videos are so entertaining to watch lol. Also, I am forever thankful to her for bringing Pepper and Misty (2 gorgeous and kind cats) to my wedding so that we can take photos with them! It was a life-long dream…. to take official photos with cats. Yeah, I dream of that more than a wedding LOL.

We met at All Things Delicious because I was craving for the salmon rice bowl.


I haven’t been having an appetite lately but this bowl was thoroughly clean when I finished it. Love love love the combination of rice, salmon, avocado, tomatoes and mushrooms. It is healthy too!


Not my first time here yet I always have a difficult time deciding which dessert to order. They have a wide variety of desserts displayed at the counter and it will entice you and then it will confuse you.

Always happy to see Mic and how much she has grown in this profession. I still remember her asking me for advice on how to set up a room and was more than happy to assist in whatever way I can.


Let’s go stalk cats the next time we meet ok!

All Things Delicious is located at 34 Arab St and they are opened from 8am to 7pm from Tuesdays to Fridays and 9am to 7pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays. They are closed on Mondays. 

Time and good friends are two things become more valuable the older you get.


Thank you my friends for the meet ups and please feel free to contact me for a meet up anytime. ❤