JB Trip With The Idris Family Day 2

11 December 2017


Good morning from baby shark Md Aqif! The plan today is to simply chill before heading back to Singapore. We gathered at the hotel restaurant at around 8.30 am for breakfast.


The plan is to go for water play and swim at the hotel’s swimming pool and water park. It is so hard to resist so hubby and me decided to join in the water play too!


Looks like mum, my auntie and cuzzies were all there ready to get all wet and play!


The water park was huge and it was so much fun exploring the different parts. The kids loved it and so do we!


Special thank you to everyone who took care of our belongings while we played with water. ❤


Special thank you to le hubby for holding me all the time to ensure my clumsy self do not slip and fall. ❤


Went back to our rooms to pack and get ready for check out at 1 pm. But before that, group pic of the whole squad! Unfortunately some members are missing from these pics and I have no idea where they were.


Ok just the girls.


A quick stopover for packed lunch before we brave through the traffic back to Singapore.

28_zpsh3bhervwEven though it was a last minute short trip, it was enjoyable nonetheless. Perhaps we should plan to go somewhere further away and for a longer period of time like 3 to 4 days.

Goodbye handsome boy Md Aqif!


Or perhaps we should plan for a 2nd honeymoon? When else can we go right? *hint in a obvious manner for the husband*


Till next time!