Working with ‘colours’

You know, the main reason why I stuck around in my current job is because of the people. When I was new, the pay was not that great, the workload was heavy and just like in customer service, I do encounter unreasonable people who are eveready to shoot a complaint email to my big bosses for every little petty unhappiness. Now, 12 years later, I am happy to say I survived it all. I am also not worried whenever someone threatens me (yeah it happens) or when I am made to work with difficult cases. I can still say I thoroughly enjoy my job because my colleagues and bosses have been wonderful to me.

In fact I am so closely knitted with my colleagues, particularly those working with me in the same department, each time someone badmouth them, I immediately know that it is not the truth. I have known most of them for years and they are truly the best colleagues. Due to that, we will usually allocate time to eat together especially during school holidays.

17 November 2017

So we heard that Natasya, our ex-colleague was coming to Singapore so we decided to all meet her for a group lunch. We met at the most convenient location. Swensen’s at Nex!


Ah, it is always nice to chit chat while having our meals together. We usually do not have such luxury at work because everyone’s break time is different and we are usually in too much of a rush to enjoy our meals.

I must say that it is always interesting to hear from someone who has left the service. As much as I love my job, I am unsure if I am able to continue to perform it like now in my golden years. I do think about it a lot, and I do think about venturing out to do something different. I am always so amazed listening to Natasya and all her experience in opening up a restaurant in JB. I have been to her restaurant and it is the best, all the food taste great, lovely ambience, excellent service…..


Maybe if I am too poor, Natasya can consider hiring me as a waitress in her restaurant haha!

Managed to squeee everyone into one wefie! I am good right?

23 November 2017

So our end of the year dinner is here and I was away from school so much this year that I miss writing my name on my table of choice. Thankfully Cat wrote my name next to our gang so yay.




The theme this year is colours which means that everyone in our table need to be in the same colour. Our table colour for this year is white!

Special thank you to the members of SWC (Staff Well-Being Committee) for putting in the effort and time to plan everything! It is always so heartwarming to see colleagues volunteering to do this. I used to be in SWC for years so I know it is really a lot of work!


I am just happy that I did not stain my hijab with food while eating! It would be so obvious since I am wearing white! Our table peeps trying to look demure in group pic haha.


Here is one with the department. We are a combination of special needs peeps and discipline peeps. Together we are known as Student Welfare Department, where I am a permanent resident here for years.


This year has been crazy hectic especially in term 4. Juggling work, assignments and married life was not easy at all. This is why I am forever thankful to my 2 partners SK and Loon for always assisting me and covering me each time I am away from school.

I know it has been crazy hectic for them too, so really, from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!!! I really appreciate both of you especially SK who has to listen to all my complaints and ramblings about my assignments. She has no choice since she sits next to me in the office lol.


I think we all deserve a good break this Dec holidays because 2018 will just as hectic. In the meantime, please feel free to come to me for any help with regards to work.

Thank you all!