Lunch with 2 little princesses

4 December 2017

So I am the guilty of being the family member who is often too busy to meet up with families. It is not that I do not want to, it is just when work is hectic, I look forward to weekends to rest and just do nothing. Yup, I do avoid social gatherings and meet ups unless it is with those I am really close with.

Due to that, I always make sure I spend time with the family more during the school holidays. Today, I decided to bring my 2 little princesses out for lunch.  My little cuzzie aka Budak Kecoh Humairah and my little niece Nur Munawwarah.


I used to take Humairah out more often in the past but these past few years, I have been busy and exhausted from work. Here are my 2 princesses waiting for their food. Also, I was touched by this random drawing of me in a garden by Humairah. Thank you. ❤

As you can see, my little niece is totally fascinated by Humairah and everything she does. She keeps looking at her lol.


She was even willing to let Humairah feed her even though we all know she don’t really fancy the food. Lol.


It was only a bite, oh well. I was sitting in front of them and it was so obvious she copies everything Humairah does lol.


Also, this meet-up was a late celebration of Humairah’s birthday in September. I guess she remembers me as the cuzzie who often treats her at Swensen’s.

Phototaking copycat…lol. As long as my two princesses are happy.


She was so busy with following Humairah everywhere, she did not even want to play with me, her aunt. Haha.


Oh well, a short but meaningful meet-up. After lunch we dropped by the supermarket to get some groceries before heading home. It is good that we stay near each other.

A wefie of everyone before heading home.


Little niece was clearly devastated we had to part. Ok nevermind, next time we shall plan a longer meet up!