A Special Thank You 1: Cik Asia and family

8 October 2017

Our wedding would not have been smooth sailing without the help of many families and individuals. Let’s just say without Cik Asia and family, this wedding probably would not even exist so we felt that we owe Cik Asia and family a treat.

We chose Royal Palm Restaurant @ Orchid Country Club. Apparently they just opened so there was a one for one deal. It seemed worth it, a buffet spread for 2 people yet we pay for the price of one person.


There was a wide variety of food that we were spoilt for choice. It was crowded too and we totally understand why.


The country club was huge and parking was easy. This place is a good choice for families to come together for a celebration. We saw so many families celebrating birthdays here.


Thumbs up from us!


We were trying to take a group wefie pic but a kind soul offered to take for us. Thank you. We still attempted the wefie with so many of us and yes we made it all inside the frame thanks to my long hands lol. 😀


Thank you Cik Asia and family for all you have done. May Allah swt repay you with an abundance of rizq and joy inshaAllah!

Royal Palm @ Orchid Country Club is located at  1 Orchid Club Road, #01-21/22, Social Clubhouse.