Happy birthday to the bestie (2017 version)

30 Nov 2017

I am just happy to be able to find time to finally meet with the bestie after the wedding to celebrate her birthday! Married life is not tough, married life while attending course at NIE with 1000980 assignments was beyond madness. I literally lost weight after the wedding because work and course life was too hectic. Yup, this is how you lose weight. Being tired and stressed lol.

Since I did not tag along (hmph!) to her travels last year, I was not able to do any photobook for her. My birthday gift to her every year is the same. A compilation of photos from our travels for that year. However this year, I decided to do a more personalised photobook titled ‘Around the world with Noi’. It took me some time to think of what to get her and then squeezing all my time and energy left from assignments to do this. I was able set aside time to do this photobook. I am actually proud of myself!

As usual, selecting the photos to print will always be a challenge because there were so many photos of us taken in so many breathtakingly beautiful places. It took me almost 3 hours to go through my folders of photos dated from a few years back. I wanted to go all the way back, like our first Batam trip together 10 years ago haha but there would be insufficient pages for the photos so I simply had to select the latest photos.

Here are some of the beautiful places we have been to. Can you guess where these were taken?


Some of the places we have ventured together includes some parts of Europe, South Korea and Asia. In 2016, we even had the opportunity to perform umrah and visit Jordan together with our families.


Our photo taking skills have improved so much throughout the years so yay!

This 2017, I also had the privilege of having the bestie as one of my bridesmaid. It was a lot of work for her, believe me.




She also needs no introduction during the wedding because almost all my family and friends knew her from our travel photos lol.

Lunch date at Hararu Izakaya @ Bussorah Street.


The photobook! All the captions of the photos were personally handwritten by me, thus it was a little messy but I am glad she likes it (no choice haha).


Our mandatory crazy wefies.


It was a good catch up session but after that we figured that there was another cafe that serves mouth watering cafe so we headed to The Malayan Council just across the street.


Durian pengat cake and lopez cake were the 2 choices of dessert we made. It was a difficult choice because The Malayan Council serves such unique and delicious desserts!



We finished everything! Yums….I highly recommend the dessert here at The Malayan Council. Plus, their service is excellent.

Happy birthday Nurul. May you stay healthy and wealthy (hehe) each year. May you continue to be blessed with rizq and taqwa as we grow older together inshaAllah.

Missing Fidah who was not able to make it at the last minute.

Hararu Izakaya is located at 16 Bussorah St while The Malayan Council is located at 71 Bussorah Street.