Weekend @ JB (Part 2)

21 October 2017

I suggested we go have dinner at Cookies and Ginger before heading back to our hotel. I did not recommend the restaurant because it is owned by a friend. I am recommending it because they do serve one of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. Prior to opening the restaurant, I used to be a loyal customer of them, my favourites are mostly choc chip cookies, brownies and my ultimate favourites are their lasagnes. They are the best tasting lasagnes I have ever tasted and I remember ordering trays and trays of lasagnes for Eid. Yup, my family loves them too.

It took us a while to find the restaurant as we were not familiar with the area but finally we found it!


I love the atmosphere of the restaurant. It gave a relaxing vibe and the aroma of food in the air makes you wanna just eat and chill there for the night.

The menu looks so good, we wanted to order everything on it! Trust me, these photos do not do justice to the food.


The boomerang steak is a must order if you are a fan of steak! My husband, who is one, said that the steak was tastier than the ones from Andes. Wow. I had a taste of it too and yes the meat is tender and it blends nicely in your mouth.


Trying to get a nice wefie of everyone but everyone was too busy savouring the food.


Of course we could not miss out the ultimate favourite, lasagne!! We ordered one to be eaten in the restaurant and a few tubs to bring home. How reasonably greedy.


Last but not least, dessert to end the sumptuous dinner!


The service was excellent. Guys, if you are coming on a weekend night, you have to make reservations because the place is so crowded. Excellent food and service, I am pretty sure I will patronise the stall every week if they are in located in Singapore.

We were also honoured to have the tall and handsome chef taking photos with us despite being so busy in the kitchen preparing food for his customers. Thank you12_zpshltexzpm

With Natasya, the forever gorgeous lady boss of the restaurant. Knowing her for a few years, she definitely did not age at all. Please share the secret of youth with me?


Perhaps why Cookies and Ginger felt so comfortable and homely is because of the way the restaurant is run. The staffs of the restaurant were all nicely dressed in the same uniform, assuring customers comfort in the unity. Cookies and Ginger is also run by the entire family, father, mother and kids (her teenage daughter and son) and interestingly, not only they live above their restaurant, their staffs live in the same building too.


Thus, you can feel the family oriented atmosphere when you dine here.


For more information on Cookies and Ginger, you can visit their facebook page: Cookies and Ginger. Cookies and Ginger is located at 107 Jalan Adda, 3/1, Taman Adda Heights, 81100 Johor Bahru. 

Thank you Natasya and family for everything. ❤ I will miss the lasagne from my favourite chef. 😦

Even though this trip was short and impromptu, we really had a good time eating and shopping around. Hopefully we get to do this more often on weekends, just to get away from our bustling schedule.

A wefie from all of us.


Till the next short trip!