Weekend @ JB (Part 1)

21 October 2017

The family had decided to spend a night in JB, to experience staying in the newly open Holiday Villa. They had also plan to go as a group, by renting a van to bring us around JB to shop. I thought it was great but the thought of going through the traffic jam at the Singapore Johore really irks me so le hubby and me thought of giving it a miss. However after some thinking, we decided to tag along at the last minute. There happened to be 2 empty seats in the van anyway so we need not worry about transportation.



Since we were late in booking, the Holiday Villa were fully booked so le hubby and me had no choice but to book the hotel next to it. Thankfully there were rooms available in KSL hotel so we went ahead and book it for a night.

There was a traffic jam to enter Johore of course but I guess being in the van with the rest of the family made the experience less dreadful. First stopover, a shop selling chocolates at cheap wholesale prices!


My niece was ready to shop with this basket! Lol.


After that short stopover, we headed to Holiday Villa to try and check in but the rooms were not ready. So we decided to have lunch here at Kfry @ Holiday Villa.

Thank goodness we were slightly early because from 12pm the crowd started streaming in and there was a long queue.



Prior to this, we saw the viral video on how the cheese was melted than coated around a korean chicken. It looked so yummy but guess what, witnessing and eating it all there, it was beyond delicious. I wished we had ordered more because I think I can finish the entire plate of chicken by myself. #greedy

Anyway, here is video of it. Let me know if you salivated watching this lol.

Other food on the menu included the Ju Meok Bap (riceball), Krazy Spicy Cheesy Fried Chicken Bumbul (from the video) and Budae Jigae (army stew, Myeon Noodle and Haemul Pajeon (seafood and green onion pancake). We ordered one of each so we could taste it all. #greedy




Hungry faces before food and happy faces after….





They have mango bingsoo too yes!!




After checking into our rooms to rest for a while, we headed to the nearby mall to shop! The mall was so pretty and nicely decorated, we could not resist taking these photos.




All the walking was exhausting so we ended up taking a break at the ‘train station’. Lol. I would love the board the ‘train’ but my niece was scared and I don’t think they allow only adults to board haha.





Our next stopover would be Cookies and Ginger for dinner. Check it out in the next blog entry.


Day 2 tomorrow!

K Fry Urban Korean Holiday Villa: 260, Jalan Dato Sulaiman, Taman Abad, 80250 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia