Witnessing everlasting love

24 September 2017

This title, I wish I was writing about my own love story but, guess what, I am writing about a dear friend’s love story, one which I feel obligated to write about and share with the rest of the world.

About 2 – 3 months before my wedding, I received a text message from one of my sotongs, Linda, who oddly asked me when I would be back from honeymoon in September. Since I was on course, my honeymoon in September lasted for only 4 days so tentatively I would be back in Singapore before mid September. She proceeded to ask me if I would be willing to attend her wedding anniversary on the 24th September. She needed to ask me in advance so that she could cater halal food for me.

Of course I said yes! She is a dear friend and her love for her husband knows no boundaries, I would be more than happy to witness this wonderful event.

Decided to meet my two dearies, Joyce and Madeline first before going up to the event hall. Knowing how sotong (blur) I can be, I thought this would be a good strategy to prevent myself from losing my way lol.


My two dearies looking lovely all dressed up. We usually meet in the gym so most of the time we see each other in gym outfits or casual clothes.

Upon arrival, we saw some other familiar faces from our gym as well!


A month ago we meet each other at my wedding and now we reunite again at Linda’s anniversary celebration.


Everyone was so formally dressed,  I could feel everyone’s excitement.

So blessed to be sitting with sotongs in the same table, like my greedy buddy, Rena! Rena is also sweet to offer to eat the halal menu with me. Thank you so much. ❤


My table was full of smiles from these people. I have known them for years and they are usually generous with their smiles and laughter. We managed to ‘steal’ Linda for a short while for this photo! Look how gorgeous she is!


When the video about Linda and hubby’s history started, the hall was in silence. Everyone was so mesmerised by the long lasting friendship and love. As a newly wed, watching the videos and the memories were inspirational. Indeed, it takes a lot for a marriage to work, not just commitment from two individuals, but also patience, effort, undying love and sacrifices.


Knowing the recent unfortunate events and happenings in their love story, some of us could not help but tear. Life is sometimes so unfair, how can someone so kind and generous forced to face such harsh challenges or reality? However, their strong faith in life and God was admirable, again inspiring to me, even though we do not share the same religion.


I really feel these two deserve the best. Despite all the challenges, I still believed they are so blessed, and they never fail to share their bliss with the people around them. It is my privilege to know such kind hearted souls, who are generous with gifts, prayers and well wishes. I hope they will be blessed abundantly in return.

A group photo with the table and the shining stars of the night.


Despite everything that has happened, they still remained cheerful and brace through life fully each day.  I always felt that I could feel her sincere heart each time she hugs me.


Thank you for the invite Linda, and for all the trouble you went through to ensure my food was halal and delicious. It touches my heart each time someone went out of their way to ensure that I be served halal food, in a hall populated with non muslims. It is really a hassle I feel, and I usually do not take offence if anyone choose not to invite me. However, the very fact that they wanted me to be present at this celebratory event, and specially catered halal food for a small minority like me, I can only say it is only from those with big hearts like Linda and hubby.


Our smiley faces just for you. Have a wonderful celebration and please continue to live  life and love everyone to the fullest. May you stay in good health and may you always have peace in your hearts.

May you everlasting love live on in your hearts and in ours. Congratulations Linda and Anthony. ❤