8 September 2017

After a 40 mins rocky boat ride (I get motion sickness so I am not big fan of boats, ferries and ships lol), we finally arrived at our resort. There are other resorts further away from the mainland and we are guessing it may be more beautiful but we were happy with this view of turquoise coloured water.


After waiting at the reception for a while, we were brought to our villa by one of the staff named ‘Nizam’. Le husband was happily chatting away with him and leaving me behind, excited to have found someone of the same name so far away from home and seemed to have forgotten about his wife. :p

We have finally arrived in our villa. It was definitely much bigger as expected!


The bathroom has a huge tub, 2 sinks, huge shower cubicle. I think the entire toilet area is as big as our flat back home lol. The best part of the villa is…………….. our own private pool!


The view from outside.


We decided to check out the resort so we started with the beach. The soft and white sands was so lovely to walk on especially when walking hand in hand with my love.


We walked to the other side of the island where the family villas were and it was even more beautiful.



The jump shot that only took me 20 jumps before le hubby was able to capture me in the air. He needs to be better at this or my poor knees will suffer lol.


It was a cloudy and windy day, which made the walk even more pleasant as I do not need to hide myself from the sun.


We went back to our villa area and took more photos. We were hoping to catch the sunset but it was too cloudy.


Looking forward to some good rest and quality time together inshaAllah.

Resort: Coco Bodu Hithi, Male City, Maldives