Honeymoon in Maldives Chapter 1: This is Maldives too

7 September 2017

For most couples, they probably spend a long time carefully planning their honeymoon destination but being so busy and having such a short time to prepare for the wedding, we did not have that luxury. I was not fussy on our destination, as long as it was a short break for us. I had a crazy semester going with work, course and wedding preparations all happening at the same time so I desperately needed a short getaway. While talking, the husband suggested Maldives as it has always been his dream destination so we went ahead with it.

We started searching for suitable resorts, taking into account our limited budget and time. In the end the husband chose the resort. Looking for a flight was also a challenge. The direct flight from Singapore to Maldives were freaking expensive (SQ and Silkair what do you expect right?) so I decided to look for a cheaper budget flight. I did find it, but it required us to transit in KL. After weighing the options, we decided to go ahead with it. I have always felt that one should not waste too much money on flight tickets as long as we reach our destination.

Excited to have go on our first getaway together. A quick lunch with Baba and Mama who generously sent us to the airport.


Of course since we are already at the airport, let’s pretend we are ALL going away. Baba’s theory lol.


Definitely my first time going away with a man lol. Oddly, it does not feel weird.


We arrived at KLIA and hung around for a while before boarding our next flight to Maldives. We are due to arrive in Maldives at 8.30 pm but there were some flight delay. Since we are arriving in Maldives only at night, we booked a hotel for a night in the mainland.

Our hotel was only 40 minutes away from the airport. Here at Coconut Tree! Surprised by the warm welcome and hospitality of the staff even though it is a small hotel.


We had a good night sleep, all the waiting around to board was tiring us and we woke up the next morning to explore the beach. But first, a quick breakfast was also provided by the hotel. It was a simple breakfast.


The beach was only a 5 minutes walk from the hotel. We are due to leave for our boat at 2 pm so we had the morning free.


Loving the view of the vast sky and sea. I love how empty the beach was too.


Also, check out how clear the water is!


I was surprised to see this sign. I did not have the time to do a little research on Maldives. It turned out that the population of Maldives are 100% muslims, thus the sign. This also meant that halal food is easily available everywhere.


We had some time so we went to walk around and check out the town area. Apparently our hotel was also near the residential areas.


It was a typical town with not many cars and simple lifestyle. With stray cats and kids playing at the playground. There was also a ‘pasar malam’ or flea market but we were too lazy to explore it. Oddly, it felt safe walking amongst the locals.

I was a little worried for these guys doing the paint job. The rope did not look stable at all.


I was reminded of my old neighbourhood back in the 80s. It was like that, simple and like minded people surrounds the neighbourhood. Yup, this is Maldives too.

We went back to pack and left for the airport and pick up place early. Thank you Coconut Tree for the short yet good time!


Looking forward to our next few days in a resort!

Coconut Tree Hulhuvilla Hotel: Lot # 10092 – Nirolhu Magu, 20057, Maldives