SHAFNIZAM WEDS CHAPTER 6: Behind the Scenes Photos

3 September 2017

While I think our official photographer and videographer captured a lot of precious moments, they were also swamped and hardly had a break throughout the entire 2 days because people kept coming to us to have their photos taken with us. I predicted this too so I was glad that I passed my canon camera to the bridesmaid to let them take as many photos as possible when they can. Here are some of the behind the scenes photos from the second day.

A quick one with my aunties and cousins who came early to accompany us to the guys’ side today.


Our family friend who came all the way from KL to Singapore to attend the wedding! Thank you for coming!


My two bridesmaids in bright red. Mum had to remind Kak Rita who was doing my make up, to make me prettier than the bridesmaids so people will not be confuse on who is the bride hahahahaha.


One with Mama before leaving. Our official pics are too few I feel, because there were so many guests, so it is good to have an unofficial camera around as well.


We have arrived! Look at the crowd mashaAllah!


This choice of outfit was a no brainer. We fell in love with it the minute we set our eyes on it. I also loved my make-up by Kak Rita. I don’ think I have seen myself in this light ever lol.


A quick change of outfit and we are back down again.


Yeah I said they can do anything they want with my camera, and that includes crazy selfies like this. Lol.


The team of best men and bridesmaid followed us to the outdoor shoot as well which is why we have these shots. Thank you! I love non-ugly candid shots the most!


And I am also glad that it captures other people too apart from the two of us! These moments are equally precious as well! The chemistry between my niece and Fidah, lol. Amazing.


Wefie with the whole squad. Thank you so much for coming along! It was definitely less awkward to have familiar people around.


It was time to head home. My feet was seriously aching so badly, I was walking around barefoot because I could not longer stand wearing heels anymore! Lol.


Here finally, our first wefie as husband and wife. I had to persuade the husband to take this wefie ok, I am sure he was exhausted from all the photo-taking these 2 days. Lol. Thank you for obliging and most importantly, for smiling! Also, he needs to start accepting the reality that I will take photos of him all the time haha.


This was taken with my mobile phone.

Thank you once again to everyone who was with us throughout the 2 days, those who helped to packed and cleaned, those who drove us around, those who send my photos of the event, I was overwhelmed by the kindness that everyone showed me this weekend. This was not what I expected, it was beyond it. May He rewards you with an abundance of happiness and blessings too inshaAllah.

To my husband, let’s go and grow through life together till Jannah inshaAllah.