SHAFNIZAM WEDS CHAPTER 5: Outdoor Photoshoot

4 September 2017

Day 1 @ Gardens by The Bay

Basically I think it is just a bad idea to have an outdoor photoshoot in Singapore because the weather is just too crazy warm. Our first choice was Gardens By the Bay and our impromptu second choice was the airport. Initially we wanted to have it in the National Museum but they would require us to pay about $200+ and I thought it would be a waste of money. We had to choose an air conditioned indoor place because if not, we would definitely melt in the outfit and in the heat.

It was almost sunset when we arrived. Even though the sun was not high up in the sky, it was still warm and trying to smile and look pretty for the photos was difficult.


My husband is awkward posing for photos ok, you have to entertain him or make jokes to make him smile or laugh for the photos. The photographer was too serious and I felt it made us more tense. Thus, even I felt awkward.


Since the bridesmaid squad tagged along, how can we miss taking a photo with them right?


Not forgetting the best men squad.


And the whole squad….


It was really warm and we were pretty exhausted so last 2 photos of the day before it gets too dark.


Day 2 @ Changi Airport


With the air con, I am hoping we would look better in photos today. Furthermore, I loved this outfit more than yesterday’s. Here we are playing with the escalator and it is Izzah’s idea. I am sure at some point, we were being a nuisance to the people around lol.


All ready but nowhere to go poses….


I love these next few shots with the departure board. As you know I am travel freak.


Trying to capture the greenery on the wall but I think a bit fail….


Since my little niece was all dressed up and she was not cranky…..


And of course one with the squad who were with all all the time for the whole 2 days! Thank you!


To be honest, I am not fully satisfied with the quality of the outdoor shoot photos. I felt that the photos were not sharp enough. Furthermore, a lot of the photos from Day 1 at Gardens By The Bay were either too blur or the flash was too harsh. I was pretty upset with the quality. There were over 200 photos from the 2 days but these are all that I thought were well taken. The photos seem amateurish and definitely not what I expected from a professional photographer. I am just glad we did not hire him as our official wedding photographer, only for the outdoor photoshoot.


Thus, I will not include where / which company he is from. If you are getting married, make sure you get the best photographer ok! You should view his / her work online first before deciding.

Anyway since it is over, there is nothing I can do about it. Thankful for le husband for being so patient even though he hates all this phototaking haha. Once in a lifetime ok sayang.

Thank you to both sides of the family, our best men and our bridesmaids. We were at ease knowing that everything was in good hands. We are ready to be your best man and bridesmaid too…(hint hint).