3 September 2017

Did I have a good night sleep? Of course. Everyone in the house ‘pengsan’ as soon as the ceremony was over. There was a lot of cleaning to be done too and by the time photoshoot ended, it was almost 8pm. The husband went back to his place for the night so that he could meet some relatives who may dropped by to visit. I wished I could follow but I was so exhausted….and hungry. We barely ate!

Little niece’s morning cheery face to greet the second day.


My make up done by Kak Rita was the best! I love how she customized each make up to the outfit. I love the make up on the second day so much! She came in 2 hours early to helped me get ready.


While I was getting ready with the help of Kak Rita, my husband was assisted by Kak Rita’s husband, Abg Shukor. They are truly the best couple team in the industry.


All ready for Day 2!


Excited to be at the husband’s side today. Looks like his family is all ready!


We arrived and I managed to do a short ig live while in the car. I did it yesterday (for the first time) while waiting for solemnisation to start lol.


The crowd….wow. I really felt the ‘kampung’ spirit. I should be more nervous right but no, my husband was still more nervous than me lol.


Started our round of photo taking starting with the husband’s immediate family first followed by mine.



And then with everyone else.


A few facts I found out after I ‘exposed’ the husband’s face lol, is that my poly friends are his relatives. Here is Kasma and her hubby. We were previously in the Spore Poly Malay Society. How many years has it been?


Also, I found out that Kak Maya, whom I was colleagues with for a few years, were neighbours with the husband’s family, in the same block. In fact, le husband and family has known Abg Azmi (Kak May’s husband) since he was young lol. What a small world!

Surprise fact. Kak Maya knew about us early as they bumped into us when we were out dating once lol. They are the only people who bumped into us, as you know, the rest of the world had no idea who my mystery fiance was lol. Due to this, they came for both days! Saturday for my event and Sunday for husband’s side since they received invite from both parties lol.


Not forgetting the geng 25%, if not for their initiatives, we would not be here today. Thank you. ❤


With the big family in green!


A quick lunch and a few more shots before we go up to change outfits. Again, time is too short.


The last and my fav outfit of all is in white and turquoise. Kak Rita also did some minor changes with my make up and it gave a different feel. Very nice, I like.


Another round of phototaking with everyone. I could feel the genuine happiness in everyone’s wishes and smiles. Thank you.



With all the cousins! Looks like we both have a very big family!


I really need to thank my 2 bridesmaid who painstakingly assisted throughout the 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The 2 bridesmaids and our Mak and Pak Andam! I am amazed by everyone’s chemistry in working together! Not forgetting our photographer and videographer who were behind the cameras.


I am in syukr and full contentment for a smooth 2 day event. Alhamdulilah. Prior to the event I was still rushing to finish my assignments while doing some last minute touches to some of the errands. However, help did come pouring in. Thank you to all who stayed late and help to clean up and pack up.


I knew he was so nervous throughout the 2 days which was why I held his hand. Lol. I also know how much he hates taking photos so I had to coax and remind him to smile for the cameras etc. I did not want our wedding photos to turn out awkward or looked like he was forced to get married lol.

Of course there were some minor glitches but I had to refocus on the bigger picture and remain calm. Alhamdulilah. I did not know how I did it lol. I guess I am used to attending ’emergencies’ in my profession so staying calm was a necessary skill lol.

Anyway the wedding is only a one time event, our marriage is forever inshaAllah. Looking forward to spend the rest of my life with this man, whom I chose to be my husband without any doubt. I am convinced he is my other half and I promise to try my ultimate best to support and be the best wife to him, here and in thereafter inshallah.

Please continue to make dua for us, I make dua for us everyday since we first met and mashaAllah He granted my multiple duas. I asked to meet someone worthy  enough to be my husband and He brought me to him.

I asked for clarity in making decisions and He granted me that. I asked for everything to be eased and He granted me that too. All in His time, when I was already in full tawakul. I wished I had been in full tawakkul earlier.

Thank you once again for all the blessings, may He grant you barakah and an abundance of blessings too. InshaAllah.

Our vendors:

Catering: Puteri Wedding and Services

Bridal outfits and make up: Hana Bridal (Kak Rita and Abg Shukor)

Photography: Hatta Mustafa via Flixshot Visuals

Videographer: Dean via D Videografik