SHAFNIZAM WEDS CHAPTER 3: FROM Official Lenses (Day 1)

2 September 2017

The entire day went smoothly alhamdullillah. My heart was full seeing everyone I know in the same room. My family, colleagues and friends from everywhere. Some of my school friends, whom I knew from more than 20 years ago, were all there in big smiles and hearty congratulations. Some, I have not met for quite a number of years, yet took the effort to turn up despite their busy schedules.

Thank you. ❤

Always thankful for Cik Lela who creatively assisted me in decorating the tray gifts.



They are beautiful. Also thank you to Cik Asiah and family for helping me pack the ‘bunga rampai’ into the globe containers the night before the wedding.


I took 2 hours to get ready. It is the longest I ever took to get ready lol.


Upon arrival, it was my first time seeing the ‘pelamin’ on stage and frankly, it was not what I expected. Nevertheless, I did not want to waste my energy on this. I had to focus on the more important things.


The macaron tower and cake look gorgeous. Thank you Muhidah, it is sooo lovely I can’t even describe how beautiful it was.


Just to make sure I am marrying the right guy lol. I know he is so nervous today but seeing him smile like this assure me that everything will go as planned.


Alhamdulilah, it went well. It was such a long wait, I almost wanted to burst out laughing seeing my husband shaking and how he kept wiping his sweaty palms onto his handkerchief. Lol. He did told me in advanced that this would happen but it is still funny.


We would not be here without our family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts and sorry for the really long wait to see this day come into existence. 🙂



Our family is too big! We took a while to take photos with every family, thank you to friends who were so patient and lining up orderly to take photos with us. 🙂

Apart from my big family, I have a big family of colleagues too. It was hard to choose who to invite because I know and work with everyone, so I invited everyone. The same goes for colleagues from other schools.

With my SSN team members who are like my family too! We work so closely together for so many years and they have always been there to assist me whenever I needed help.


The rest! Some of them were rushing for a flight at night and some intentionally booked a later flight so that they can attend the wedding. Some who could not make it also passed me their ‘ang pows’ early. Thank you so much! ❤


Friends from other schools be it primary school, secondary school, polytechnic, NIE, DAS, ARC…….lol, this is what happens when you go to many courses throughout your life.


Family friends. Thankful for le bestie and her entire family who came as well. We have been friends for so long and and we have even travelled together with family members before.


Friends from the gym! My lovely Sotongzzz and Banana Babes. ❤ (Don’t ask about how our names came about lol.)


My ex-students who still kept in touch with me. Look at how tall they all are now!


We tried our best to take photos with everyone and were reminded to hurry up as we were behind schedule. I know some of you captured photos via your mobile phones and sent it to me later, I really appreciate it!


After a quick lunch, we were due to go back to do our zohor prayers and change outfits and even though we were so behind our schedule, we could not turn down requests to take photos with anyone who came. I mean, it is only once in a lifetime you will see us all dressed up lol.

For our second outfit, we were both in black.


We also managed to do a quick photoshoot at home with the cats! Yay! (Refer to previous blog entry.)

In 2 hours, we were back at the cc. Thank you to all who waited. I know it was a long wait. Check out my beautiful flower girls! My two nieces and my little cuzzie.


After cake cutting and speech, I really hope I did not forget anyone in my thank you speech. I apologise if I miss anyone out. We went for another round of photo taking with our guests but this time it was not too crowded and I think everyone who went up the stage managed to take one with us.


We were tired but I think our bridesmaids and bestmen were equally tired too. Thank you for always being there with us and running all kinds of errands. ❤


We were assured when our ‘mak andam’ and ‘pak andam’ were very experienced. I highly recommend them if you are getting married soon. My make-up was beautiful and event was smooth and they also took care of our schedule and timing. Here is Kak Rita and Abg Shukor, a husband and wife team. How awesome is that.


Most important of all, I am just in shukr that everything went smoothly. I hope everyone who attended the wedding enjoyed the food and hospitality. I could truly feel that some of your smiles and congratulatory wishes were so genuinely from the heart. It makes me so thankful that I am surrounded with so much love. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I could not upload all the photos in this entry because there were too many. You can look at the photos (bigger and clearer) in my facebook account.


As most of you know, I ‘hid’ my then fiance’s faces from my social media and never really share any photos of him even with the extended family. I knew everyone was dying of curiosity and kept pestering me to show them a photo of him but the truth was, he is never a fan of taking photos. Even though we have known each other for year, we rarely take photos and even when we do, he looks awkward in it lol. Thus, I did not want to stress him further my uploading a photo of him on my social media. I did not plan for him to be a ‘mystery guy’ lol but everyone was so curious, some even thought I was kidding so that people would stop introducing guys to me haha but really, I am tickled by how the events took a wild course of its own. Lol.

It is also weird when people (friends and family) tell us that we looked the same! Like siblings! Lol! Well, the old people say that when couples look similar, then inshaAllah they will last long. Thank you for all your spoken words, it is a form of dua for us. Please continue to make dua for us!

Day 2 tomorrow will be over at le husband’s side, in the next blog entry.

Our vendors:

Catering: Puteri Wedding and Services

Bridal outfits and make up: Hana Bridal (Kak Rita and Abg Shukor)

Photography: Hatta Mustafa via Flixshot Visuals

Videographer: Dean via D Videografik