Shafnizam Weds Chapter 2: From the bridemaids’ lenses

2 September 2017

Prior to the wedding, I told my two bridesmaids that I will be passing them my canon camera and that they can take as many photos as possible. I knew that they will be busy, but I also knew that they will probably know half the guests coming and that it may be a mini reunion for some of them so I wanted them to capture as many moments as possible. It does not matter if I am not in the photos.

That was exactly what they did!

Right after Kak Rita finished the make up, with the photographer Abg Hatta and videographer, Dean.


The guests, it was like seeing everyone I have ever known in the same room.


The bridesmaids and Bon who specially flew here from Bangkok. Thank you!!!!!  You know I will fly to any country for your wedding right? I am ready to fly!



Like I predicted, it was a like a reunion for many of my friends. I am so glad the girls managed to capture these moments!


Fellow colleagues, comrades from other schools and not forgetting, fellow ELFs!


We were delayed a little but I felt that the guests had come all the way here, it would be rude not to give in to phototaking requests. Furthermore, it is only once in a lifetime. I know we missed taking photos with a few guests who came when we were not around but we really tried our best to take with everyone. Our apologies.

Rushed back to change but not before we meet these little cuties!


Special thank you to Michelle for doing this!!! It was a challenge bringing the cats over and getting them ready. Since we were delayed, they had to wait at the void deck for so long! I am so sorry! Please thank your mum too for coming along!


Changing into the second outfit after we did our zohor and asar prayers.


Going back to the cc where we see more familiar faces. Spot all my immediate family members in pink!

1516My lovely flower girls, Dayini, Delisha and Humairah were all ready and pretty in white.1817

Special thanks to Muhidah who generously ordered this beautiful macaron tower for me. I was simply playing around on ig and she went ahead and took me seriously. Lol. Anyway thank you so much, I really appreciate it. The macaron tower was too gorgeous, it took the limelight away from the wedding cake next to it! My cousins were also asking me if they can take the macarons on the tower after the event end. Lol.


Not forgetting my 2 bridesmaids, Nurul and Fidah for helping with EVERYTHING! They were with me throughout the day from start to end. They will still be with me again for the whole day tomorrow! I can’t imagine not having these 2 ladies around!


I must say, they were partially the reason how I was so calm throughout the whole day! Thank you so much! Muacks!