Shafnizam Weds Chapter 1: Solemnisation

About 2 weeks has passed since the solemnisation ceremony, which means that I have been someone’s wife for two weeks as well. It most certainly did not feel that way at all. Life seems to go back to being normal after the wedding. I went back to work and attending course and he continued with his job. Yes, we did have to adjust to some changes like living together now but frankly, it did not feel much different. When we were going out, I remembered being so hush hush about it and even when I was introducing him to the parents, I could never really call him my boyfriend. I don’t know why. When I talked to friends, I often termed him as my partner, or my fiance when we were engaged. Perhaps in my mind, I have never really viewed him as a boyfriend, in my mind, he was already my partner and my soon to be husband.

The few weeks before the wedding was particularly hectic, mainly because I had a few big assignments due and I knew that I could not afford to push it to the very last minute. Juggling my hectic work, 4 modules of this course and wedding preparations was beyond crazy. There was hardly any free time and I had to sacrifice my rest time to do whatever chores that needed to be done. I knew this was going to happen which was why I started preparing for our room and whatever wedding errands that needed to be done early. I knew I had to have some ‘free’ time to finish up my assignments. It may seem like I was being paranoid but I truly did all that to avoid myself from feeling overwhelmed with stress. Thankfully, le fiance back then was so understanding and he abide to all my requests in making preparations early. His patience and tolerance during the preparation convinced me more that he was meant to be with me.

Today, the day of our solemnisation, I was not nervous at all because I knew I was marrying the right man.


Waiting for the ceremony to start with Mama next to me. Surprisingly I was truly calm, can’t say the same for the husband though, lol.


Uztaz Mizi with Baba reading out the agreement.



That moment when he signed and I became his lawfully wedded wife, I was relieved because it went smoothly. I was still calm.



It felt familiar, like it feels right, I had no doubts at all. It was at this moment that I felt Allah swt has granted my dua that I have been making all these years. It was also during this moment that I realized the silver linings behind all His plans such being heartbroken, being unwell, being in grief. All these ‘bad’ events were truly preparing me and shaping me and routing me to this day. It was all part of His beautiful plans, mashaAllah. How could I have ever doubted His love for me behind all the challenges and calamities.

Biggest lesson, trust in His plans because they are better than my plans.


Phototaking with his mum, who was clearly the most emotional person in the hall.


With the husband’s side of the family.


With my parents who of course have been waiting for this day all their lives. I know for a period of time, they doubted this day would ever come but I guess they too, did not stop making the best dua for me. Thank you for all the patience.


My uncles and male cousins ‘blocking’ the way lol. They too, have expressed the long wait for this day to come and have stopped asking me ‘bila nak kahwin?’ anymore for a while. Lol. Your happy faces makes me happy too.


Having the extended family around for support and help makes me feel so blissful. My word of thanks is hardly sufficient. May Allah swt reward you with more barakah.
I felt that my family, friends and guests were happier than me on that day. Their joy was so clearly reflected in their eyes and in their bright smiles as they expressed their congratulations and gave me their warmest hugs. Some friends were so generous to sponsor me various gifts and rendered their help. I was so touched.


I can’t thank Michelle and mum enough for bringing the cats over! They are so adorable and purrfect! Most of all, I can’t believe my soulmate is also a crazy cat lover, how beautifully arranged was this?


This is truly my favourite photo of the day. It captures the husband doing prayers right after the solemnisation ceremony.

Alhamdulilah for a smooth event. I had the help of so many people, like my immediate family who assisted me in so many ways. I was truly so busy and exhausted with work and course and was not able to be more involved.  My sister in law, Izzah was the wedding planner and floor manager for the entire wedding event. She would chase me for payments, remind me of appointments and things that needed to be done. You can hire her because she is good lol. They did most of the work and planning and I did not have to worry much.

Also to friends and family who took time to celebrate our special day, especially those who came all the way from overseas! Your presence really brought us much joy. I am sorry for those who missed us due to tight schedule. We really tried our best to take a photo with everyone. We really appreciate your duas and blessings. 

“For every matter there is an appointed time given.” {Surat Ar Rad13: Ayaah 38}

May He continues to plant kindness and love in our hearts, may He eased all our affairs in starting this new journey together and may He continues to love and bless us inshaAllah.

All photos taken by the brother in law, Shahrul Azmi, who was our unofficial photographer, yet he successfully captured these beautiful photos. You can check out more of his works on facebook page ‘Late night project’.