Pre wedding meet ups

So when I sent out the invitations to the wedding about 2 weeks ago, some friends told me that they were unable to attend due to pre-booked travel plans. It is totally understandable, because I too, plan my holidays at least half a year in advance. They could have just told me and that was it, but some of them were sweet enough to send me ‘ang pow’, sweet notes and some even wanted to arrange for a meet up before the wedding. Thank you so much. I wish I can meet everyone but since my course just started yesterday, it is a little hard to squeeze in time to meet everyone. My place is open for visitation in the last week of Aug so if you can come over, do let me know.

6 August 2017

A meet-up that I had to arrange before the wedding was this. A meet up between my sayang Joyce and le fiance. Why Joyce out of everyone? Long before le fiance even showed up, Joyce once said to me that whoever I chose to be my partner for life, needed to sit down for a meal with her first so she can ‘screen’ him lol. I am not sure if it was a joke but I figured that I needed to let the two important people in my life meet over a meal.

I chose this dim sum restaurant because I know Joyce likes it!


The food was delicious but you know, food always taste better when you are with the ones you love.

How can I not miss Joyce! She is like family!


Thanks Joyce dear for entertaining me with all these silly poses. You have been trained well lol. I am always so thankful to have her around to give me good advice when I am lost, to comfort me when I am down and of course to hug me during happier times. I am sorry for making her worry each time I injure myself throughout the years. (A lot of times!) I truly miss our crazy gung ho KB times together!

Thank you for always being there for me in good and bad times. I truly appreciate it. Of course another one who was always there for me is my love, Madeline who was not able to make it due to her hectic schedule. Miss her lots. ❤

Apart from the bestie who has seen le fiance, Joyce is the only other person (apart from my immediate family) who has met him live!


Ok I promise to reveal his face here soon ok. Lol.

8 Aug 2017

So work was going to end early today and the sisters from work insisted I join them for lunch. Since everyone wanted to try the new dim sum place, I was back at the same restaurant after 2 days. I really did not mind because I loveee dim sum too much lol.


The sweet and kind one sitting in front of me. Look at how lovingly she is staring at the food lol.


Time out with the sisters is always so precious and we never run out of stories!


Also, they are all so photogenic so everyone looks so good in photos.


Spot the one who cannot wink! Lol! #extremeleft #stillsingle #sendapplicationinguys

2 days break in the middle of the week so yay!!! We love national day! Thank you sisters for the lunch treat. ❤

10 Aug 2017

It is a school holiday and so I thought this would be the best time to meet up with the extended family. I needed to get the dresses for the nieces and young cuzzie before my course starts and my schedule gets too jam packed. We decided to meet at One KM.

We were early to we waited at LJS first but we waited for too long so we decided to get some food even though we ate breakfast at home. 😀



I thought it would be difficult looking for suitable dresses for the girls but Tom and Steph was a good choice. There were sizes available, it is affordable and pretty. We were done pretty quick so we headed to lunch.

Actually I was pretty exhausted because getting the girls to try their dresses while trying to keep them focus and not distracted by toys in the store was a challenge lol.


My girls…… they all grow up too quickly.

We were done by 2.30 pm! Thank you everyone for accommodating to my schedule!!! Can’t wait to see everyone dressed nicely on the 2nd Sep!


Please make dua that everything goes smoothly and may I remain calm in juggling work / course and all the wedding preparations, inshaAllah amin!

The dim sim place (halal) is at 791 North Bridge Road.