July birthdays for the ones close to my heart

It has been a terribly hectic week at work and at home and I am not in the best state of mind. I crave for some quiet rest time at home but these few weeks I have been going around running errands and doing chores. I really wanted to get everything settled before my course starts on the 14th August. My lovely fiance has been the absolute best. He has been accommodating my requests to get everything ready early. Through all the planning, discussing and getting things done, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right decision to marry this man.

Even though I am easily stressed by the constant juggling of work, course and wedding preparations, my heart is at ease knowing he is always there for me. Alhamdulilah for this assurance.

I did not want to use the excuse of being busy to not celebrate the birthdays of the wonderful presence of people in my life. I opened up my packed calendar and insisted we eat together and celebrate. When it comes to celebrating birthdays of family members and close friends, I cannot treat it as trivial regardless of how busy I am. Thus, first birthday celebration this July, Fidah’s birthday.

22 July

We met at Izzah’s place for the first meeting with the bridesmaids. We could only meet after 5pm on Saturdays so here we are in Pasir Ris. To make things easier for the host, we decided to order food in so yay! Makisan finally I miss sushi!


What Fidah did not know is that we wanted to celebrate her birthday! So after a short discussion, we surprised her with a cake!! Though, I am not sure if she was really surprised lol.


Happy birthday my dongsaeng! Stay healthy, live life to the fullest and enjoy life a little more. Of course, always stay kind and humble. May Allah swt bless you with an abundance of blessings inshaAllah.


I am so excited to see her in the bridesmaid dress! I insisted she wear make up on that day and I think she is pretty stressed about it lol.

More food! Sometimes we don’t limit ourselves when ordering food haha.


First meeting of Team Bride with Izzah, my sis in law as the wedding planner. Thank you for accommodating to our crazy busy schedules!


I had nothing for Fidah, only a small gift that hopefully will be of use in the future. With my little niece who was curious as usual.



I know the girls are drowning in assignments but guess what, I will be joining them soon too lol. I just hope we complete the bulk of our assignments on time so that we can have a peaceful mind during the wedding lol. Hwaiting to us!

30 July

A week later, le family and me came together to celebrate Izzah’s birthday. Her birthday was in June but since it was fasting month, we decided to celebrate it in July. We decided to meet at Swensen’s at Downtown East as there was a 1 for 1 promotion going on. Lol.


I am so glad le fiance was able to join us! I feel bad covering his face in photos but I promise him that I will only reveal his face (on social media) on the wedding day and after that so I gotta keep my promise. Furthermore, I like how everyone thinks he is mysterious and I think he likes it too LOL.


Ok, no cake but banana crumble dessert for my sis in law! I also managed to quickly grab a gift for her so yay!


Look at my niece wanting to touch everything, it is truly a sign of intelligence in kids.

I had initially spent the entire day at Ikea with le fiance and was exhausted and perhaps this dinner with the closest ones were the remedy that I needed.


 “Whoever loves for Allah’s sake, hates for Allah’s sake, gives for Allah’s sake and withholds for Allah’s sake has a perfect faith.” (Abu Dawud)

A reminder for me to align everything I do to please only Him. Humans are so difficult to please and there are times I get so frustrated when criticised for acting on my beliefs. Thus, I had to learn to let go and adjust my focus on doing things for His sake. It is ok when people do not understand, He understands what is in my heart.

This dinner was also to build ukhwah among us. Being family does not necessarily mean we are automatically close, we have to act on it. Especially now when everyone is so busy living life in their own paths, it is so important to make time for those who matter.


Of course not everything is perfect all the time but hopefully He keeps us in His mercy and protect our hearts from hate and fill it with love for each other always inshaAllah.

Happy birthday Fidah and Izzah! ❤