Syawal with the one who stole my heart

This Syawal, I had the privilege to spend time with my upcoming new family. Even though le fiance and me already knew each other last Syawal, we did not really formally visit each other’s place with our families to celebrate Eid. I am glad we did it this time because this Syawal, we are only about 2 months away from the big day.

Visiting le fiance’s place for the first time and finally meeting his two cats. Unfortunately, they were both too timid for me to hold them!


Photos with the family. Being a little crazy is part of me so I always ensure my photos represent the same fun that I experience.


They came over to visit about a week later and even though it was short, it was memorable nonetheless.


When you fall for someone’s deen, everything about them becomes beautiful.

Some people ‘warned’ me that during this period of time, from being engaged to being married is a crucial time. It can be stressful and all the wedding preparation work can cause emotions to run a little high. It is true, no doubt about it. Furthermore with my crazy workload and getting ready to go for the advanced dip course, it has been emotionally and physically exhausting.

Which is why I am always so thankful to le fiance for being so accommodating to my hectic schedule and my mood swings (especially when I am hungry and tired lol). Texting me ‘good morning sayang’, ensuring I sleep early, buying food for me, sending me home, sending me sweet notes and always being so thoughtful. He even came to my place today to help move furniture and each time we buy stuffs for our room, he always sends me home so that I need not carry the stuffs by myself. How sweet.

Even though he is not a man of many words, he speaks his love through his actions. At the beginning of our relationship, I felt insufficiently loved, because he does not express much and I am left wondering how he truly felt about me.  Being the one who is linguistically inclined, I need to hear or read words of affirmations to really feel loved but as time goes on, I understood how he is different from me.


Since he is still so reluctant to take photos, this was what I suggested! Covered face! He shall remain as my ‘mystery man’ until wedding day ok! It is actually so rare of my papparazi nature to forget to take any photos whenever I am out but with him, I do honestly forget! Our time together is always so precious and heartwarming, it almost feeld like we have known each other all our lives.

Thus, I am so happy to say that we have never had any major issues. Minor issues are quickly sorted out. We move on. We say our thanks, we look forward to the future.

Perhaps this is how I know I found ‘the one’. Everything just falls into places and just feel right.

May our journey continues to be blissful and may we remember that everything, the good and bad, happens only in His will. May the Almighty hears our prayers, the silent and the recited, and may He protect us from negativity. And may we live our lives together, with greater remembrance of Allah swt inshaAllah.