Smiles of Syawal

This year our house is the HQ again! I am more prepared this year because I literally started cleaning in the first week of Ramadhan. Furthermore, I will be shifting some furnitures to the other room and also preparing for the future hubby to move in so I thought I might as well kill 2 birds with one stone.

I was so exhausted from a whole month of cleaning and baking that I took the least number of photos this year. Nevertheless, I ensured I captured everyone!

Little niece and little cousin at play. So it was a good idea to prepare one box of toys and designated play area for the kids because they spent all their time playing here lol.


It just heartens me to see my little niece playing enthusiastically with another kid! She is growing up too fast!

With paternal side of the family. Celebrating Eid at our house also indicates that this is the second year we celebrate Eid without our beloved grandma.


Looks like my young cousins are all growing taller than me! Once upon a time, I used to babysit them and carried them in my arms!


Our house was slowly getting filled up with peeps from both sides of the family. The earliest who came at 1 pm shocked me because I was still vacuuming the house! I should have gotten ready earlier but I was truly fully occupied.


My first 2 nieces, still as adorable. They went ‘shopping’ in my room lol.


With the latest addition to the family and my first nephew here in Singapore.


He is too adorable so I just kidnapped him for a while and took lots of photos with him lol. Guess what, my arms really hurt after that and the pain followed me around for a few days! Yikes, lol.


Our last photo of the day, trying to force everyone to gather and take a photo. I almost feel like I was around kids in school. Haha….anyway, if not for me, there would be no group family photo that looks this fun! Guess what they are looking at on the ceiling?


We were home bound on 1st Syawal and on 2nd Syawal we made the quick decision to go JB to order our invitation card. There was no traffic jam and everyone was free so we quickly went and came back. Our visitings only resumed 1 week later, even so, we had to run some quick wedding errands.


OOTD at the void deck haha. We went over to cuzzie Imah’s place as it is her first year in her own house and I love how spacious it is! With the gorgeous girl cuzzies.


We finally managed to capture a nice family photo! And NM wasn’t crying and everyone’s eyes are opened lol.


We also managed to visit Mak Long’s house and I managed to finally carry new little niece Aura! I loveeee squeezing her thighs!! Of course since I was there, I had to stalk the cats. Lol.


We tried to visit as many houses as we can because we knew we would be pretty busy with all the preparations. We have limited time and my schedule is fully packed for the next 2 months.


At Cik Lela’s house. She helped me a lot with the tray gifts. No one is as creative as her in the family.


Of course another one of my creative auntie is Cik Ani!!! Or more popularly known as Mdm Twister. She has kindly offered to sponsor my photo booth but I have no idea what she is doing because she wanted it to be a surprise. Ok, I hope it is a surprise, not a shock lol.


Another helpful family that has been faithfully supporting us is non other than Izzah’s family. I love how everyone can spontaneously pose for a crazy photo like this!


Ok, here we go at our last round of visiting and of course we could not miss taking ootd shots at the void deck.


We are over at the west side (Jurong) to visit the family member’s there. At Fizah’s place where the kids had a wild time chasing each other for no reason.  Thank you Dayini sweetie for making slime just for me. 😀


Our last stop was at Cik Yah’s place where we were the last guest so little niece decided to dance and force everyone to sing and clap for her while she dances lol.


Mama and Cik Yah in almost matching outfits. This was a candid shot. They were looking at little niece wearing shoes. I totally love this candid photo.


Our last round of Eid celebrations were at bro’s place. We basically stayed there the entire day to help with the guests. I had to capture the whacky sides of everyone!


For me, it was a whole day of taking care of the kids and entertaining playing with them.


Ok kiddoes as you play please remember that even though I may act kiddish at times, I am getting older so I am actually not interested to go find the ball that you hid in the living room. Thank you. Heh.


With little niece and little cuzzie aka ‘budak kecoh’ who did not want to leave because they wanted to play together. Awww.

I also managed to get the fun side of everyone out. For instance, this photo shows how my mum and aunties were doing malay dance right in front of the toilet.


Thank you everyone for a wonderful Eid celebration. To the houses we did not manage to visit this time, my apologies, I hope to reunite with you during my big day in September inshaAllah. I am so thankful, this year I was able to truly celebrate the victories in Ramadhan. I remember being in so much pain last year, I was not even able to celebrate properly. It is a miracle that He chose to heal me quickly alhamdulilah.

It is my joy to be able to capture everyone’s candid laughters and smiles. May I be given the chance to always do this in every family gathering, inshaAllah. And may we be blessed with the opportunity to meet Ramadhan and celebrate in Syawal next year again, inshaAllah.