Using kind words

10 July 2017


A reminder to always use kind words. Last week’s whirlpool of difficult situations seemed to snowball into today. I have been pretty patient and calm throughout the entire week yet, I lost it when someone used unkind words to me. Typically not everyone use polite language with me (esp working with difficult parents / students) but because I was having such a bad day on Friday that a small act of using insensitive words just opened the flood gates for me. It rarely happens but at that point of time, I just felt so helpless.

A reminder to always choose to be kind, use kind words, have good thoughts about others. A simple ‘How are you’ or ‘Are you ok’ may seem trivial to you but those few words may just be what the other needs at that exact moment. Similarly, if you are far apart, a simple text may just brighten someone’s gloomy day. Never underestimate your little acts of kindness and your few words of greetings.

Today I am reminded via FB how my late partner used to leave handwritten notes everywhere. On my desk, in the classroom, on snacks etc. In fact she wrote on a pouch to thank me for taking care of her boys when she wasn’t around. She also love to draw little hearts, smiley faces and occasionally she even drew me in her notes lol. I learnt a lot about expressing appreciation from her. Never forget to show appreciation to someone for their kind act, their patience, their support, their presence. When unexpressed, it is as if it doesn’t exist. Some of her notes to me were:

Hwaiting! You worked hard.
Thank you for staying calm! (When thrs meltdowns)
Please eat!

I still keep her last hand written note to me.

May we never forget that life is full of ups and downs. May we have good thoughts about others. May we continue to be conscious of those who are kind to us and may we never miss the chance to let someone feel appreciated. And may we always choose to be kind despite being in difficult situations. ❤