Baitulmaqdis Umrah Chapter 6: The city of Jericho – Jerusalem

9 December 2016

Prior to reaching the custom immigration, we stopped by this sign for a while.


Sign at sea level between Amman and the Dead Sea. This sign indicates that we are moving below sea level.


I can’t wait to visit the Dead Sea, I am clearly so fascinated by it.

After our 5 hour wait at the immigration, we could finally head for lunch.


Loving all our meals so far. It has kept us full and satisfied. Our lunch was short yet, it was a sufficient breather and rest before we move on to our next destination.

The City of Jericho

Jericho, the ‘City of Palms’ is a small city within the Palestinian Territories and Israeli- occupied West Bank, close to the northern end of the Dead Sea. It is touted to be the world’s oldest city and believed to be 10,000 years old.

Mount of Temptation (Mount Qarantal)

Traditionally known as the mountain Jesus Christ (Nabi Isa) (PBUH) stayed and fasted on top for forty days and forty nights during which he was tempted by the devil.

We did not really  go to the exact location of the mountain or explore it in detail. We simply stopped here. I know that some of my Christian friends visited the place when they were here. I believe the church groups tend to explore this place more than us.

Look at the view. My mum thinks she can fly.


A reminder:

And establish regular prayers at the two ends of the day [fajr, zuhr, ‘asr] and at the approaches of the night [magrib, isha]. For those things that are good remove those that are evil. That is a reminder for the mindful. (Hud 11:114) 

The thing about temptations and sinning is that, everyone is susceptible, even the prophets. It is by the prayers (the 5 daily prayers) that we keep away from evil, and God forgives the sins and replaces them with good. In particular, waking up for the tahajjud (a very rewarding supererogatory prayer observed in the night), which is the light of the intermediate world, leaving the comfort of bed and sleep during the latter hours of the night, and turning to God in prayer—is a sure means of undoing mistakes and cleansing the stain of sins quickly.

It was almost sunset, which makes the view even more beautiful.


Love how the camel looks like it is guarding the place. I know I have an obsession with all animals but the camels, to me, are such sacredly beautiful creatures. It is a pity we do not have it readily available in our country but I guess that’s what makes it sacred?


If you do stop by here, it is a good stop to shop for a while for local goods and snacks. The fruits here, locally grown and produced looks so delicious. You may want to try some.


Coincidentally my handbag broke and I managed to get a good quality replacement here. Just a tip, don’t forget to bargain!