Weekend family time

3 June 2017

I truly look forward to weekends not just because I am not working, but because of the family time which usually involves food lol. I hate eating packed food because that is usually the case when I am at work on weekdays. Therefore,  I consider hot food eaten on plates a luxury lol. Yeah, I know I am weird.

Sometimes we visit nearby bake sales and bumped into famous people in the country’s history. Usually the bake sales are for charity.


Typically we only eat 2 meals a day so we would usually go out for a good breakfast first with grumpy morning face.


Yes, we need big breakfast because we usually do not eat lunch!

However on some days, we consider our late breakfasts, lunch. As you can see, my parents are only in favour of malay food. They do eat western food at times but to them, nothing is tastier than traditional malay food lol.


Let’s not forget the dessert!


Shared desserts are the best!

Our mandatory family wefie are the best too. I think I trained everyone, including my little niece, well on how to pose for photos lol.


Recently, a new halal restaurant opened near our place so I decided to bring my parents there. I went there for the first time with the colleagues and we ate everything clean. It was so delicious because we were starving.


The army stew was sooooo good. It is best eaten with 2 or 3 people. Like I mentioned before, the parents are not really in favour of korean food but they finished everything clean too lol.

I definitely miss korean food! I still dream of eating this delicious seafood ramen I had when I was in Seoul. The korean food in Singapore is good but of course it is not as authentic as the ones there. During my 1st Korea trip, I was not able to get used to the food but that is the thing about traveling, learn to adapt fast or stay hungry. I used to be such a picky eater but traveling changed all that. Now, I am happy with any type of food.


Another reason to love weekends, is this little niece here. This is her pasting stickers all over my mirror. I had such a hard time removing it all lol. Oh well, I should probably get her a sticker book. She is fascinated by my study table because I have little drawers of washi tapes, stickers, colourful pens etc. She loves making a mess exploring anything new.

It may seem too simple that this is how we get by every weekend but it works well for me. At this age, I feel that I do not need to be fed with adventures all the time. I would rather sit down, have a cup of hot coffee, have ann engaging conversation, read a good book, it helps to keep my life balanced.

I hope you manage to capture all the happy moments with your family too. ❤

Muk-Bang Korean restaurant is located at 750 Chai Chee Rd.