Iftar with the September bridesmaids

1 June 2017


A woman who is like a sister, a friend in every way and a special person who is asked to share in the bride’s big day. 

So 2 weeks ago I met with the 2 bridesmaids to search for suitable outfits for them to wear on my wedding day. I thought it was going to be a long search but we found pretty good designs and materials from a shop so everything was settled quickly.

We met today because the dresses were ready for collection! How fast! The shop only took 2 weeks even though we told them not to hurry as the dresses were not for Eid.

Since Nurul were picking up the dresses after work, we decided to meet for iftar too. We met at Commonground, Tampines Hub.


We actually went to break fast and do our prayers at the Ghufran Mosque first. Commonground was not too crowded but Nurul made reservations just in case.

Pumpkin salad looks good in the pics but not so in reality lol. Oh well, we are not picky eaters.


Craving for potato wedges I am unsure why. The service here is excellent, which is why we keep coming back. Furthermore, I love the big tables.

Catching up on work and the to do lists before the wedding. We have yet to meet with my sis in law aka the wedding planner so I warned the girls that there is a long list of things to do before and during the wedding. Anyway the girls will be with me on both days so I am so relieved!

Main task: To prevent bride from being clumsy and hyperactive like her usual self.


Testing out Fidah’s new hp and it made us all looked good? I love how the hp camera smoothens my skin lol.


Have a good and fruitful June break and see you girls in July for our first meeting with the wedding planner inshaAllah!

Commonground is located at 51 Tampines Ave 4, #01-103 Our Tampines Hub.