​One family unbroken

30 May 2017

So yesterday, after receiving the certificate for 10 years of service, it daunted onto me that I never expected to stay so long here. The first few years were undeniably tough, we gave ourselves 5 years and so the SSN team made 5 year plan for everything. It is so amazing to be on the same page with the team, because we had to start so many programs and came up so many protocols, SOPS, rules, we were not sure if we could hold up our plan in the long run. Even though there was good support from the bosses in the beginning, we were also not sure if the good support would last.

However, I must say that one of the main reasons why I have stayed so long here was because of the colleagues. They played such a huge role in making me feel welcome when I was new, and always ensuring that I am well supported. Throughout the years, I think I have gotten so close to them, so much that occasionally we turn up in the same colour outfits.

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Mind you, we did not plan to wear the same colours to work. It was all purely wonderful coincidences. We have this unwritten rule that if we appear in same colour outfits, we need to take photos together. Lol. We call ourselves the ‘orang kampung sajs’. Even though the muslim community in small (we work in a christian school), we are pretty close.

One day, Aida suggested we plan to wear the same colour outfits and everyone sportingly obliged.


Wearing pink on a Monday most certainly lifted the mood!

We seem to be celebrating birthdays almost every month too. I love sitting near the P1 and P2 teachers because I think they are the most cheerful and noisiest bunch LOL.


Sometimes when the going gets tough, we go for food therapy outside!


Good food and good company always works.

Today is our last day of work before the much anticipated term break. Our 2 days meeting is held at Lifelong Learning Institute instead of school. This was a good move I guess, because all the construction work going on in school was driving everyone nuts. What was worst is that, my classroom is situated right in front of the drilling area, it has been pretty difficult to conduct classes in peace.

1.5 hours lunch but we are all fasting so what do we do? Take Nora out for a bus ride and go window shopping!


Looking forward to a good break but I am sure to miss these peeps! Truly, we are one family unbroken!