Sotong love @ Kumoya Singapore

29 March, Wednesday

At the end of March, I met up with the sotongs but not for our usual joyful celebration. My dearest love, Madeline, was admitted into the hospital and we were all worried sick, we decided to pay her a visit right after work.

Thankfully, she was admitted to a private hospital and they allow visitors to come in anytime. I knew my Madeline is a hardworking worker. She always thinks about others first and always putting them before herself. She has been so overwork for the past few years but as usual too, she never listens to our incessant nagging.

I went over straight from work. I was exhausted from work (teachers don’t make plans after work on weekdays for a reason lol) but somehow I gathered enough determination to go. I remember Madeline personally visited me at home a few times last year when I was down for slip disc. She visited me when I was on 2 weeks mc from work and she visited me again after surgery. I am sure if I was warded in the hospital any longer, she would have visited me there too. Thus, I have to pay her a visit or I will not be able to sleep soundly at night.

I informed the sotongs and we were coincidentally able to make it. Yay. I am glad Madeline has her own private room because we were noisy haha.


Look at her cheerful face despite not being well! My love, you MUST take care not to overwork anymore! I will no longer nag ok, I will scold you. Usually when the body protest, it is an indication that we need to slow down and rest. I will not elaborate on her condition but, her vision was affected. Being educators, it is hard to continue working when vision is not working well.

Anyway, we wanted to cheer her up, even though she was already very cheerful for an unwell person lol, so we brought food. I stop by McDonalds and bought everyone a burger and fries. When the rest of the sotongs came, they brought cakes etc lol. 2_zpsefaoa0dx

Our usual ‘open mouth big big’ pose for photos lol.  I am glad my dear Madeline will finally get her much needed rest. You must take care from now onwards! Our health is truly our greatest treasure.

23 May, Tuesday

We wanted to meet up for an impromptu lunch date and coincidentally I have no more after school classes. The plan was to meet with Rena, Madeline and Linda but Madeline and Linda were not able to make it at the last minute. We thought of postponing the meet up but it looks like it will be a busy few months for me so I wanted to go ahead with it. In the end, Rena and me, the greedy buddies decided to just go ahead and meet for lunch and dessert!


The plan was to go Kumoya Cafe but they are currently having a special menu so there were not many choices for savoury food. We decided to walk over to a newly opened Pho4u Halal Vietnamese Restaurant and had our lunch there. The food was healthy and good!

We went back to Kumoya for dessert. Everything was so expensive pretty, it was hard to choose. We finally decided on drinks and this dessert to share.


The white fluffy thing is cotton candy and that is frozen yogurt, not ice cream! The dessert was sooo good. Love the macarons, the pudding and the crumbs. It is sweet, so it is best to share with 2 or 3 people.


We also love the bright and pretty ambience! Our faces when we get good food.


We had a good time chit chatting. We rarely get to do this especially on a weekday! We should do this more often!

Since Rena and me are greedy buddies and we were missing the rest of the sotongs, we decided to send them our crazy photos so they won’t miss us too.


How old are we? We are easily entertained!! We were giggling and laughing like drunk siao ladies while walking by the road.

Thank you Rena for tolerating all my nonsense!!!!!!!!! We make a good greedy buddy team yes? Hopefully, we will be able to meet with the full squad and do what we do best. Eat!

Till next time!!! Sotong love, always. ❤

Pho4u Halal Vietnamese Cuisine is at 783 North Bridge Rd and Kumoya Singapore Cafe is at 8 Jalan Klapa. They are walking distance from each other.