Happy birthday Hui Mei @ Sunday Market Cafe

19 May 2017

When the banana babes chose this date to meet up, I was not sure if I could make it. My annual day camp was due to fall on the same day and from past experiences, I know that I will be super duper exhausted at the end of the day. Typically, none of the SSN team members will make plans after our day camp because all we want at the end of the day would be to crash on our bed.

However, since it is Hui Mei’s birthday and I know that if I do not make it there, she will not only remember it for the rest of her life, she would definitely think I ‘fly kite’. So, even though I was aching and exhausted, I still made my way there. Thank God for Grab cars because I did not even had the energy to take public transport lol.

Here at Sunday Market!


This is my second time here! I love the food so much that I suggested coming here to celebrate Hui Mei’s birthday! The dinner menu is slightly different but I love it all the same.

As usual, it was a good catching up session. I truly treasure the limited time we spend together. Even though we have known each other for years, these days we do not get to workout and dance together anymore, I will always feel slightly sad about this. Oh well, things change and lifestyles transformed so our relationship evolved.


Please pardon my ‘tired die’ face. I just spent the whole day with 52 jumping boys.

We made the birthday girl took this photo of us….. without her of course lol.


Ju mentioned that this would the last time I am meeting the bananas as a single lady. Our next birthday is Jackie’s in September! It suddenly hit me. I have been to busy to even think about it, but yeah, I am spending the next 3 months as a single for the last time.

Am I supposed to be nervous or excited? Frankly I am too tired from work and running errands, I look forward to my much awaited vacation time in September! I do worry about finances and my workload a lot, perhaps ‘Dajies’ (big sisters) Jackie and Sheila can give me some pointers haha. I am often amazed at how they raise their kids and take care of the family while maintaining a good figure career. I would be thankful if I can even get anywhere close to their success.


Yummy dessert!!!

Happy birthday Hui Mei!! A few years ago we celebrated your birthday when you were a single, and then when you were pregnant, and now you are a mother of a child. Really looking forward to see how your kids will turn out lol and seeing you mature through motherhood. I am glad you did not lose your true self because sometimes when I speak to you, you still don’t understand. LOL. It feels like the old times.

No matter what, we still love you ok. Stay chirpy and healthy!


Missing Debbie who was not able to make it.

Our wefie together. We seem to spend more time chit chatting then taking photos these days, oh well. I always feel at home with the bananas! Take good care and see you soonest!

Sunday Market cafe is at 22 Lim Tua Tow Rd. Nearest mrt is Serangoon mrt.