Weekend Batam trip with the family

7 May 2017

Normally I am not a fan of short getaways. I think it is just exhausting. Anything shorter than a 4 days getaway is not really a getaway to me. However, this time, I decided to tag along to Batam, because we were there for a mission.

Furthermore I have been so busy this few weeks and a short getaway with the family seems like a good idea. Breakfast at Harbour Front Centre, Singapore style.


After about an hour ferry ride, we finally arrived in Batam. Since this was going to be a short stay, we booked the hotel right next to the ferry terminal so that we minimise commuting time. We stayed at Harris Hotel.


Loving the vast sea and sky view. It is therapeutic and just what I needed after weeks of hectic work.

We rested for a while, did zohor prayers before heading out for lunch. It was almost 3pm and we were starving.


We even had time for dessert! What better way to rest and chill than to enjoy waffles, floating rootbeer and curly fries at A&W?


My little niece and her ice cream! I am just happy she finally knows how to enjoy ice cream!


Initially she did not allow any of my parents to have a bite of her ice cream She actually turned around to face the other side so we can’t see her eating the ice cream lol. How cute! However, when I asked, she allowed me to have a lick at her ice cream. How sweet!


My favourite little girl!

We went back to rest again (it was supposed to be a chill trip lol). We had some time to spare so Mum, sis in law and me decided to go for a massage. I only took the foot reflexology service because my feet and leg has been aching from all the walking.

It was painful but necessary.

Sunset view with the sea and sky are the best.


Another must do when in Batam is to go for a seafood dinner! The cost of a seafood dinner is less than half than those in Singapore so we might well take advantage of it.

I know that most tourists probably would go to Golden Prawn seafood restaurant when in Batam but guess what, there is a whole stretch of equally good, if not, better, seafood restaurants near the ferry terminal.


The best part is eating by the sea and under the sky!

It was a good day and we spent the rest of the night doing our ‘mission’. Good food, good massage, wonderful company, of course I had a good night’s sleep.

Morning breakfast at the hotel before going to the pool. My little niece is obsessed with water and swimming simply thrills her.


Thankfully the weather was not too hot when we went it! We had a good 45 minutes in the pool before the sky starts to get dark and it started to rain.


This is my first time swimming with the little niece!! I usually watch videos of her playing in the pool so this was a good experience!!

We had some time to rest before packing and getting ready for our ferry leaving at 3pm.


We arrived in Singapore by 5pm. Quick dinner before going home.

I will miss this little niece again. This whole weekend she was pretty cranky but nevertheless, time spent with her and the family is precious.

Till the next trip!