September bridesmaids

10 May 2017

So when I had to decide at least 2 people to be my bridesmaids, it was a no brainer. Nurul the bestie whom I have known since we were 18 and Fidah my NIE group mate, colleague and fellow comrade. I have known both ladies for more than 10 years and I think they know me pretty well too, even though I can be bipolar at times haha.

A few months ago, I asked the girls casually if they were ok being my bridesmaids because it is no easy task being one! Personally I have never been a bridesmaid (take the hint please ladies haha) and there is a long list of to do things so I really felt that it must be voluntary, not imposed.

Even though the girls said yes when I asked, I wanted to ask them officially. In the mad rush of work and my hectic schedule, I managed to do this personalised special gifts.


Of chocolates, hand cream, crochet and flower clips. I wish I did not have so many constraints doing this, the least I could do was to personalise it so that it would be more special. I also did not realize that I did not have 2 boxes of the same size thus, I had to make do with whatever I had.

We met at noon to get the girls’ bridesmaids’ outfits tailored. Lunch at Teh Tarik coffee shop because we were starving. I truly wanted us to go to nicer air conditioned restaurant or cafe but it was raining heavily. Oh well, I had to still ask so…………


It was really nothing much so I was glad they liked it!


Thank you girls!! I am relieved that they will be with me on both my wedding days because even though I don’t really show it, I am pretty anxious about it. Furthermore, Fidah and me will start our advance diploma course in August and I constantly worry about juggling work, course and wedding preparations.


I warned them in advance that there will be a long list of things to do and responsibilities to fulfil, yet they were open and ok with it. They even have to attend mandatory meetings with my wedding planner (aka sis in law) and with the guys’ side inshaAllah.

Thank you girls!! I really appreciate it! Looking forward to the big day! ❤