Much needed cat therapy

1st May 2017

Generally I think Singaporeans are a bunch of workaholics. I bumped into an acquaintance who just came back from Shanghai and he said that the 4 years he spent there was less stress than a day in Singapore!

I don’t have to go overseas to work to know this fact. From the short (and long) trips overseas, I can sense that the fast paced working environment here is crazy. We are rushing to do everything. We rush to get ready, rush to work, rush to complete work, rush to eat, rush home, we basically do everything in a rush. No wonder we feel so exhausted at the end of the day.

Anyway, one thing is for sure. We treasure every single public holiday. That is the perks of living in a multi racial and religion society. On 1st May we celebrated Labour Day and officially, it is a day to allow all the working people (like me) to rest. It is only May and I feel so exhausted. I usually look forward to simply doing nothing at home but today was different. I felt that work has been overwhelming and I needed to go to therapy to stay sane.

Coincidentally, Mich told us that her super cute cat babies are temporarily residing at her place while their owners are away on holiday so I made the quick decision to drop by her house for some good old fashioned cat therapy!


This is Pepper. He is a british shorthair and is gentle by nature. He won’t bite or scratch even unfamiliar people.

It only took a few minutes to warm up to him. I love how he instantly bonded with me! He even stayed still as we took photos with him. How obedient!


Since he was too adorable and was such a good boy cat, we decided to wrap him up with a towel like baby. Look at him loving all the attention! He was even willing to take selfies with me and even stared longingly at my face as I speak to him. ❤


How not to love him?

This is his sister, Misty. Another beautiful greyish british shorthair cat.


Ok, Misty is slightly reserved so it was hard to catch her pretty face on camera. I finally had a chance to carry her and look how pretty she is!


They did not even try to scratch me at all (unlike my very own bipolar cat, Snowy). We literally spent an hour just goo-ing at their cuteness. I can stare at them and watch them with their antics all day long! I think I would never get anything productive done if I ever have such adorbs at home.

Thank you Mich for allowing us to play, cuddle and watch them!!! I really had the best 1 hours with the furballs! It has been so long since I last hug a cat tightly! ❤

Lunch after all the play. Salmon sashimi is a must.


We decided to go for bingsoo for dessert. It has been years since I last stepped into the west area, it felt strange haha.


Perfect for the crazy hot weather!


Thank you ladies for the wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you believe the bestie was once scared of cats lololol. I still remember when she accidentally stepped on Bedah’s tail (my prev cat) and they were both scared to death lol.

I miss the two cutie furballs already. Till next time!!! ❤ ❤ ❤