Makan Makan March

You know you are getting old when you are easily contented with every little thing. In general, as you get older, you realise that things may not always go your way and difficult things will eventually come. So, my motto is, always take things as they come, rejoice over good things and celebrate often.

How better can we celebrate the March holidays if not by eating together?

10 March, Friday

Last day of the term and it just so happens that our much missed new tai tai aka Nurul was available to meet us for lunch so we decided to hop over to Downtown East for a sushi date!


The sashimi and the salad were sooooo fresh omg, we were all craving for it (especially me!) lol. Too hungry after spending the whole morning working under chaos and the hot sun, we deserve a good meal!


The much missed Nurul! We truly miss her bubbly laughter at work!


It is too bad that some of the sisters could not make it for our sushi date! You really miss out on a lot of hot gossips haha. Desserts to end the lunch date. The ice cream in the jar was superbly delicious!


Feeling like we had too much to share and very little time. This is why I really treasure the wonderful bond I have with the sisters. One last wefie before we part our ways. Let’s aim to do this every term?


Take care Nurul and I look forward to more play videos of the twins and abg Yusoff handsome at home!

15 March 2017, Wednesday

Impromptu JB makan trip because Mum was craving for steamboat. We all know that it is way cheaper to eat steamboat in Johore so off we go just the three of us.


With the tom yum soup as base, this steamboat lunch was not just craved by Mum, I have been craving this for the longest time too.


My parents lol. We simply went there to eat, buy some food and did our groceries before heading back. Yup, I accidentally bought 2 pairs of shoes too. I rarely buy shoes but I don’t know why they always have comfortable shoes of my size there lol.

16 March, Thursday

A lunch date with my 2 power ladies from work, Cat and Soh Kwan! Our workload has been insane for the first 10 weeks of the year so we rejuvenate by going out to eat! Decided to try out the new french japanese restaurant, Kumoya at Jalan Klapa.


Truly, I would never have gotten through the year without these two ladies! They are truly my power ladies and together we are the powerpuff girls trying to save everyone haha.


Sweet dessert to end the lunch date! It was soooooo good! Gotta come back here and try the other desserts on the menu!


Also, happy birthday to Catherine!!! I have been working with her for 10 years and I really think she does not age a bit! She is my rock at work ok, always keeping me grounded and balanced. I don’t think I would have survived being in this profession without her undying support and constant encouragement.


Anyone who witness us at work even for just a day will know how our chemistry works well with all the spontaneous ideas, adrenalin rush whenever there is a panic attack, unsuspecting sudden loud laughters (sometimes for no reasons at all haha), super sonic speed of talking and yet we always appear calm and poise in front of students lol.


May you continue to be blessed with good health, more wealth, outstanding beauty, colourful personality and overflowing success from now! SK and me will cheer the loudest just for you!

18 March, Saturday

Last but not least, a reunion lunch with the fellow comrades I miss. Met at The Ramen Stall after my dance class. Thank you for accomodating to my timing!


Mad love for sashimi. ❤


I am obviously a fan of soupy and japanese food. I can never get tired of them lol. It was a good catch up session with Michelle and the bestie. I wish we could meet more often but work and studies can be overwhelming during term time so we usually make use of our holidays to meet.

I really admire people who work and do their studies concurrently because I think it sooooooooooooo exhausting. Frankly I am not looking forward to August because I am not sure how I will cope so I constantly look at these ladies for inspiration. Hwaiting! I mean, I used to be able to do it but of course that was in my 20s lol.


Going whacky and a little crazy is a norm now for us haha! Oh well, life is short, do silly things and laugh over it!


While Michy had to leave, the bestie and me made the impromptu decision to watch Beauty and the Beast movie. My favourite fairy tale! While waiting for movie, we took time to chill.


We had green matcha yogurt in the day and now trying the sakura frap from Starbucks. I am truly not a fan of matcha and green stuffs, but this was good!


The movie was awesome!! I don’t know why I could not stop tearing during the part when the beast let it go, what is wrong with me haha. Anyway, it was truly and enjoyable day and week catching up with everyone!

I am supposed to be on diet but calories consumed during holidays is apparently not counted! #denial