Weekend family time

4 March 2017

It has become a norm for us to go out and eat together during the weekends because Mum’s not cooking. I mean, for us working individuals, we have the weekend off right? Thus, why can’t our mums have the day off during the weekends too?

Sometimes it can be a simple thosei and teh tarik breakfast.


Occasionally my brother, sis in law and little niece will join us for lunch or dinner. Even though I see my little niece almost every week, sometimes I feel that she grows up too quickly within the week.


Oh well, I shall capture and document as many photos of her as possible!

Needless to say, eating outside is a luxury we never used to have. Thankful for all the blessings all these years.


Sometimes, while running errands of weekends, we can also act as tourists. Lol


This 4th of March, le fiance and me decided to have a combined birthday celebration for my dad and his mum since their birthdays are only 2 days apart. This would be the first time both families sit for a meal together.

We decided to meet at Chai Chee Seafood Restaurant after maghrib.


Happy birthday to Baba and Mak! May you both continue to be blessed with good health, good heart and an abundance of wealth inshAllah.


It was also nice to be able to chat with the le fiance’s siblings! Opportunities doesn’t just come, it must be created.


Not sure what would be a good gift for my future mum in law so I got her 2 tudungs and a frame of a photo of us during the engagement day. It is nothing much but I hope she likes my personal touch to the packaging.


While he got a limited edition Liverpool football jersey for Baba. He was of course thrilled because it is his favourite team in the world! Lol.


Thank you dear. ❤

Dinner is always better when we eat together.


I am sorry I have to continue keeping my fiance mysterious. I feel that it is best to protect his identity from social media for now since he doesn’t have any social media accounts lol. You can imagine him as a charming handsome man ok!

My little niece was too stunned when the restaurant played the birthday song. Lol. She was also stunned by the candles.

Looking forward to spending more time together with everyone inshaAllah. ❤